ZOBA: Zoo Online Battle Arena Guide, Animal Tier List, Tips & Much More

ZOBA: Zoo Battle Arena

ZOBA: Zoo Battle Arena

ZOBA: Zoo Online Battle Arena is an action battle royal game developed by Fun Games For Free. The game has just recently been released and is available in both the platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. You might have played a lot of battle royal game, may it be FPS  (PUBG) or in MOBA (MLBB) but here you have to pick an animal and starts battling in a 2.5D map.

Each animal has their own unique special abilities and stats. In this post of ZOBA, we will talk about the game guide, best animal to choose, items that you can equip to make your animal stronger, tips and much more.

ZOBA: Zoo Online Battle Arena Guide

The main objective of the game is to be the last animal standing. You need to collect loots and kill your enemies. There are various tiers of the loot that can be found on the map. Bronze is the lowest tier while lighting gold is the highest tier weapon. You can hold the weapon icon and aim at the enemies to kill them easily. To equip a weapon, just stand still on it for a few seconds. Only high tier weapons can be collected in this game, if you already have a high tier weapon, you won’t be able to pick low tier weapons.

At the starting of the game, you need to select a location where you want your animal to spawn. You will be battling with other 20 animals in a map which is on fire and the radius keeps on decreasing. So you need to stay inside the circle so that you don’t take heavy damage from the fire. You can even knockback your enemies to the fire zone if they are near it.

There is some extra pack which can be found on the map. These packs include health, barricade or disguise in a bush. When you kill an enemy they drop all their items which can be looted by you or other animals. You can use these pack by simply tapping on their icon at the bottom of the game screen.

ZOBA: Zoo Online Battle Arena Animals & Items

You can upgrade your animals by tapping on the paw icon at the left side of the game screen, selecting an animal and tap on the upgrade at the bottom right corner of the screen in the green button. To upgrade your animal, you need same cards from the box and once you have reached enough cards, you can upgrade them using coins.

Items are an enhancement to your animals and can be unlocked through the boxes when you reach league 3. There is a total of 22 items currently available in this game. You can equip an item to your animal by tapping on the “+” icon at the right side of the game screen in the pet icon.

ZOBA: Zoo Online Battle Arena Tier List

There is a total of 9 animals available currently in this game and more will be available soon. You can unlock these animals by collecting trophies, increasing your league and opening boxes. The list of animals are:

Finn (Shark) – Can be unlocked at League 7, deals maximum damage with a shotgun. Passive Ability – Can see other animals whose health is low. Active Ability – Bites and enemy and recovers some HP.

Fuzzy (Penguin) – Can be unlocked at Leauge 6, deals maximum damage with a bow. Passive Ability – Walks slow but slides fast, moves faster in water. Active Ability – Charges one shot with slowing effect.

Duke (Lion) – Can be unlocked at league 5, deals maximum damage with a shotgun. Passive Ability – Movement speed becomes faster after being hit. Active Ability – Stuns in an area by roaring.

Pepper (Giraffe) – Can be unlocked at league 3, deals maximum damage in a bow. Passive ability – Can see an enemy hiding in bushes. Active Ability – Increases view range but cannot move while this ability is active.

Larry (Chameleon) – Can be unlocked at league 2, deals maximum damage in a shotgun. Passive Ability – Can pull items towards him with his sticky tongue. Active Ability – Can become invisible but not when in close contact with an enemy.

Molly (Kangaroo) – Can be unlocked at league 2, deals maximum damage in a shotgun. Passive Ability – Has a small kid joey who will attack the enemy and gather items for you. Active Ability – Jumps two time and the direction can be controlled.

Nix (Squirrel) – Can be unlocked at league 1, deals maximum damage in a shotgun. Passive Ability – Collect loots faster than any other animal. Active Ability – Dash forward on the direction he is looking.

Bruce (Gorilla) – Can be unlocked at league 1, deals maximum damage in a shotgun. Passive Ability – Can not be knocked back from any weapon. Active Ability – Jumps and smash the ground dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Shelly (Turtle) – Can be unlocked at league 1, deals maximum damage in a bow. Passive Ability – Have a damage reduction because of its shell and takes less damage from the enemies. Active Ability – Become invincible of few seconds, but cannot move.

ZOBA: Zoo Online Battle Arena Farm Coins And Gems

Coins and Gems are the two currency that is used in the game. While coins are easy to obtain, gems are the premium currency that can be bought using real money. You can also get some gems from the boxes or by climbing the trophy ladder.  Coins are also obtained through the same way by opening boxes and climbing the league ladder.

You can obtain some free gold from the shop once in a while. Coins are used in upgrading the animals or you can buy animal cards from the shop. To access the shop, tap on the star tag icon at the right side of the game screen. In the shop, you can buy crates using your gems. Three different kinds of the crate are available which are a gold crate (180 gems), unique crate (320 gems), and giant crate (1640 gems).

ZOBA: Zoo Online Battle Arena Tips

Hide In Bushes

If you hide in bushes the enemies can’t see you and you can easily damage them with the grenades. Before the battle begins, always try to take a position in the bushes. You can also find some good loots hiding in the bushes. Beware of the Pepper the Giraffe who has a passive ability to see the animals that are in the bush.

Save Coins And Gems

Coins are used to upgrade your animals. You need to save them up to buy the card of a particular animal from the shop which keeps changing once in a while. You can also save up coins so that when you reach a higher league, you can spend your coins on better animals. Always upgrade a particular kind of animals and grind with that animal to save up more gold.

Gems are the premium currency, do not waste them opening crates. Always be patient and wait for the chest timer. Use your gems only to buy better crates so that you can have better items and animals.

Collect League Rewards

You are ranked in this game based on the number of trophies you have collected. To get trophies, you need to score a better rank in the battle. There are various rewards in the league ladder so once you gathered the required amount of trophies, you can collect the reward by tapping on the shield icon at the top left corner of the game screen.

Try Out All Animals

Even if you haven’t unlocked all the animals, you can still try them from the pet menu. With this feature, you may get an idea of the skills and stats of all the animals. It will help you in assessing your enemies in the battle and making a strategy on how to defeat them.

Collect High Tier Loot

Always look for the golden shinning weapons, those weapons have more range and deal more damage to the enemies. If you find an enemy with high tier loot, keep your distance and once he engages in a battle, take him out with grenades or other weapons and steal their loot.

Avoid Water

When you are in the water, your movement speed will be slowed and you can’t use any weapons. So make sure to avoid going in to water as much as you can. If you are Fuzzy the Penguin, you can use his passive ability to move in the water faster.

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