Zero City Zombie Shelter Guide, Increase Power, PVP Mode & Lot More

Zero City Zombie Shelter

Zero City Zombie Shelter is a simulation game developed by BEINGAME LIMITED. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. The outside world is now filled with zombies with very fewer dwellers alive. You need to take over shelter and command other dwellers to do various tasks in which they are skilled at. You need to battle other zombies, rescue other dweller and grow your shelter.

In this post of Zero City Zombie Shelter, we will you the game guide, how to farm more money, food, reagents, how to spend crypto coins wisely, recruit strong troops, tips and much more.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Story & PvP Mode

The story and PvP mode can be played by tapping on the map icon at the bottom left corner of the game screen. The normal mission will be as a waypoint marked in orange line and if you see any house icon with numbers beside it, those are the real player shelters. You can scout them and if their troop power is less than you, you can plunder them for loots.

These PvP shelters give you huge cash and reagent reward upon successful winning. If you only have opponents stronger than you, you can change them by tapping on them and using some of the food. The dweller that is in your barracks can only be used for story or PvP battle. You need to equip them with better gear and items to make them stronger.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Dweller Stats

Before assigning any task to the dwellers the most important thing to do is to check their stats. There are different kinds of jobs in the shelter and you need to assign these dwellers based on their stats level. For Example, if a dweller cooking stats is 6 and rest other stats are less than 6, you need to assign that dweller to the dining hall and equip him similar gear and outfit.

You also have a different kind of outfit for each job. You can get these outfit from the crates. These crates are obtained by playing the story mission. To check the stats of your dwellers just simply tap on them. There are different kinds of production facility available in the game and each facility can have 2 dwellers as workers. You need to upgrade these facilities to increase their capacity.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Gears & Items

You can check all of your gears and items by tapping on the box icon at the left bottom side of the game screen. There are different tiers of gear and items that are represented by their color. Gray color items mean common, Green color means uncommon, Blue is rare, Purple is epic and Orange is legendary. Better tier gears will provide your dweller with more stats with which they will produce more resources.

Weapons and armors increase your troop power. You can equip a dweller with different kind of weapons such as melee, chemical attack, guns, and snipers. Each weapon comes with its unique perk that you can check by simply tap on them. Equip the best weapon on your dwellers who are in the barracks and easily kill all the zombies.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Training & Production

In this game, to play a story mission or take part in PvP battle you need food. Foods are produced in the dining hall and stored in the refrigerator. Money is required to upgrade facilities and build new ones. Money is produced in the print shop and can be found in crates. The reagent is used to build battle supplies that can be used once during combat. After you use a battle supply, you need to build it again in the chemical workshop. Reagents are produced in the chemical laboratory.

There are various training facilities like kitchen, accounting office, experiment lab, and gym to increase the stats of your dwellers. The resources production will be increased and you will generate more food, reagents, cash, and can equip better gears by increasing your dweller stats. At the starting of the game, you can see an Arsenal facility which you need to repair. This facility will increase your shelter defense.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Population & Happiness

To increase the population capacity, you need to build living rooms. You can build extra living rooms by upgrading your command center to level 5. To increase the number of dwellers, you need to mate a male and female dweller in the living room. Just place both the opposite gender survivor in the room and after a few hours, a baby will be born. It will take a few more hours for the baby to turn into an adult and help around the shelter.

Try to mate the dwellers who have potential. Potential is measured with the number of stars a dweller has. You can check the happiness of your shelter at the top right corner of the screen. Maximum happiness will generate more resources. You can increase your dweller happiness by tapping on their mood icon or helping them during a crisis.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Tips

Join Alliance

By joining an alliance, you can request resources from other players as well as donate them. You can request resources such as reagents, money or food. As you progress keep progressing in the game, it won’t be easy for you to have all the resources every time. In case of dire urgency, you can request resources from your alliance members and upgrade your shelter.

Merge Facilities

You can only merge facilities in this game only if both of them are of the same level. If you have a facility with level 3 and another with level 1. Upgrade the level 1 facility till level 3 and place both of them beside each other to merge. You can re-arrange your facility by tapping on the command center and select the shelter editor.

Collect Free Crypto Coins

At the right side of the game screen, you can see a medal icon. By completing some of the quests in the game, you can claim free crypto coins as rewards by visiting the medal icon. There are various quests that you can check and complete them Asap to get a lot of free crypto coins.

Claim Storyline Rewards

At the left side of the game screen, you can find the notepad icon where you can claim all your storyline rewards. These rewards are generally only in cash but after completing each episode, you can unlock a crate that will provide a lot of resources, uncommon and rare items.

Save Crypto Coin For Extra Builder

At the beginning of the game, you won’t need an extra builder because the time taken to build a facility is quite low. As you progress further in the game where the construction time will take a lot of hours, you need to have extra builders. And the only way to get extra builders in this game is by using the premium currency crypto coins which are quite to rare to get. So do not waste any crypto coins just like we did at the starting of the game and regret later.

Remove Obstacles

Removing obstacles will free up space to build more facilities. To remove an obstacle, you need to tap on them, pay 250 cash and wait for 1 minute. After 1 minute, tap on them again to remove it and earn some free crypto coins.

Use Battle Supplies Wisely

There is a total of  8 types of battles supplies that can be used during combat. You can use these battle supplies only once and have to produce them again in the chemical workshop. Each time you produce a battle supply it will cost you time and some reagents. The list of battle supplies are:

Anti-Personnel Mine – Hit one enemy dealing 3000 damage.

Adrenaline Stimulant – Increase damage by 15% for 20 seconds of all fighters.

Painkiller – Reduce 10% damage taken by fighters for 10 seconds.

Small First Aid Kit – Restore 4000 HP of fighters.

Decoy – A zombie will be summoned as your ally.

Nerve Agent – Disable all enemies for 2 seconds.

Mortar Shell – Deal 4000 damage to everyone in the explosion area.

Large First Aid Kit – Heal all allies restoring 6000 HP for 8 seconds.

Don’t Forget To Train dwellers

As soon as your command center upgrades to level 5. Construct all the training facility and train your dweller. Training will increase the stats of dwellers and they will produce more resources and can equip better outfits for their respective task.

Use Free Construction Time

If any construction has only 5-7 minutes left, you can complete it immediately without using any crypto coins. Just tap on that facility and you will see an icon to complete the construction free of cost.

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