Typoman Mobile Guide, Cheats, Walkthrough Of Prolouge And Chapter 1



Typoman is a 2d adventure, puzzle solving game where it portrays the power of the words. Typoman is similar to LIMBO with additional features like to re-arrange words to solve the puzzle. The game is interesting as well as addictive.

In this post, we will guide you through the prologue, tutorial and chapter 1 of Typoman completely solving all the puzzle. Let’s start with the walkthrough.

Typoman Prologue Walkthrough

At the starting of the game, you will be dumped with all the words and start as the letter O. Roll on the ground and advance forward. After some distance, drop in the pit and drop the plank to make a bridge and you will get your body as second letter E. After that climb on to the platform and go up. On the top, you will get your legs and letter H, run and climb to the second platform and go up. Advance forward and jump down the cliff, go little backward and you will find your arm as letter R.

If you look closely at the letters of your character, from the bottom you could read as H- Legs, E- Body, R- Arms, O- Head (HERO). After completing your full body, you will unlock a few buttons on the right side of the game screen.

Advance further and climb up the ladder to find a quotation.

Typoman Tutorial Walkthrough

Go near the letter H and tap on the hand button to carry the letter. Drop the letter under the ladder, jump on it and climb the ladder. On top of the ladder, you will encounter a lever. Pull the lever down by standing close to it and tapping the hand button. For certain puzzles, you need to interact with them and solve them to advance further. Jump on each cliff to cross the path, but be careful the 3rd cliff will collapse as soon as you jump on it.

Advance further and you will come across an area where you need to move a letter O to the switch. As soon as you connect the O and N letter the switch get on and the platform next to it will start working. Climb on the platform, if you backward using the swing you will get a quotation. Go forward and climb the ladder to the top and advance.

After advancing a little, you will meet a demon called Doom. You need to run from it. Run and jump down the cliff and you will find a letter on. Use it to turn on the switch and climb the ladder. Advance further and cross the cliff by jumping one by one on them. After crossing the cliffs, you will get come across two words which are NEW and WORD, You will unlock an ability to re-arrange the words here. Stand close to the words and tap on the new skill and re-arrange the word to DOWN.

After arranging the words, tap on the tick option and you will unlock the gate. Climb up the ladder and use the swings cross the path. Advance little further and climb the ladder to reach letter T. Pick up the letter and throw it towards the other letters R, U, N. Re-arrange the letters and make the word TURN to activate the wheel and drop the top ladder. Climb up the ladder to the top and you will get a quotation. Advance forwards and cross the cliffs, be careful all of them crumbles down as soon as you step on them. After crossing the cliffs, climb the ladder and pull the lever forward to open up the gate.

Jump down from the cliff, where you will be chased by the Doom. Open the levers and keep running. In the end, a fairy will come to your rescue and you will complete the tutorial.

Typoman Chapter 1 Walkthrough

At the start of this chapter, bring four letters near the gate to unlock it which are letter P and ONE. Bring all the letters near the gate and re-arrange them as OPEN to unlock the gate. Advance forward, climb the ladder and jump on the platform to get to the top to unlock quotation. Jump down and keep moving forward and then use the swings to cross and reach letter D which will fall down. Pick up the letter D and throw it on the mouth of the monster to make it sleep. Carry the letter O and use it to open the gates.

After that keep moving forward and look out for any platforms that might take you top to unlock the quotation. At one point, you will reach a place where you need to re-arrange a word DOWN and drop the ladder. Climb on the ladder and use the letter O to switch the device ON. Once the device is ON, the words Spans at the bottom keep expanding and contracting. When the word is fully expanded, remove the letter O from the switch and go down to cross the path.

After crossing the path, climb up the ladder and keep moving forward. Little further you will come across the word PRAISE. Push them forward and re-arrange them as RISE to lift the obstacle blocking your way. You will take damage from the gas and eventually die, so you need to use the letter P in the end and make the word GASP to remove the effect. Move forward and pull the platform lever to climb up. After that, you will come across the HATE monster, jump across it and run forward. He will follow you and will get crushed. Climb up the ladder, move forward and jump down. Use the re-arrange skill to form the word DOWN which will pull the lever down. Use the word UP while standing on the platform to make it go up. At the top use the letter P at the end of GAS to remove the effects.

Move forward and drop down where you will encounter the HATE monster. Jump across it and climb the platform then use the swings to cross the path. If you go top once again, you will unlock a quotation. Jump down and climb the ladder as fast as you can or else you may die from poisonous gas. Keep moving forward and you will encounter a rainy area. Use your re-arrange skill and make TURN word to start the lever. Go back a little and you will find a ladder, climb it till the top to unlock a quotation. Jump down and push the word D and use the swing to make the word DRAIN from RAIN. Move forward where you will encounter the final puzzle. You need to collect the letter C and P and make the word ESCAPE to complete the chapter. If you throw any letter on the red light, it will get destroyed and a new letter will appear at the same place where it was.

NOTE-If you have any difficulty in completing the final puzzle, do mention in the comment and we will help you.

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