Trials Rising – Trophy Guide To Achieve Mr. Frosty

Trials Rising

Trials Rising is one of the most addictive game with a breathtaking view in the background, where you control the rider on a physics-based bike in the 2.5D world. You can compete with another player online or challenge yourself to complete the game 100% with all trophy and achievement.

Players will start from the racing line and will find multiple checkpoints on their way to finish line. Trials Rising has a combination of racing as well as puzzle solving skill, where a player has to think how to progress as well as having precise control over his bike.

You will find a lot of obstacles riding various parts of worlds like Eiffel Tower and Mount Everest which you have to complete by bunny hopping through various obstacles without flipping your bike or crashing on an explosive barrel.

If you are a hardcore gamer and want to complete Trials Rising 100% with all trophy achievement,  this guide will help you on how to collect secret “MR Frosty” achievement /trophy.

How To Achieve Mr. Frosty Trophy

Start the map Frozen Fjord and, from the beginning of the level start going in reverse on your bike. This will result in crashing into the snowman and you will have a snow head on your rider. Now you are the Snowman  and have to finish the level which should be pretty easy as it is of medium level.

Some rider may face difficulty as the snow head on your rider will affect precise control of your bike and leaning. If by chance you lean forward a bit much in an inclined plane,  you can smack your head onto the handlebar.

Although this can be a disadvantage, still it can compensate for getting that Achievement. You need to go carefully cover each checkpoint while overcoming obstacles. Make sure when you reach the 9th checkpoint always go over the chimney and not through it.

Once you complete the track you will be awarded the achievement at your title screen.

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