Toram Online: Server Fix, Connection Issue,Update on Online Error 2019



RPG Toram Online is a game where you can roam around the world with your friends. You can customize your character up to 80 billion ways and team up with your friends to defeat monster and level up your character.

But it sucks when you are eager to play the game with your friends and couldn’t connect to the server. This guide will help you in your connection troubleshooting.

If you are unable to join the server and getting this kind of error you can follow these steps:


Clearing Cache

Go to your setting and then installed application, from there select Toram and clear the cache.

Your phone tends to hold information of the game so when the server gets updated, your phone sometimes failed to update the cache and you can get a connection error.

Rebooting device or Wi-Fi router

If by following the above process you still cant connect to the game. You might try to restart your phone and Wi-Fi router. You can also try switching from your Wi-Fi to Telecom internet or vice versa.

Changing Play Store Account

You can try changing your play store account and re-install the game. To switch your account log in Gmail and visit play store and tap on the three lines beside search bar and change your account.

Try using VPN

You can try using a VPN to change your location and try connecting to the game

Even after completing all these steps you are unable to join the game, then maybe there is some server issue going on from the developer side and which will be fixed soon. Previously also we have encountered multiple times server failure because of huge traffic which the developers have fixed while compensating us for server failure.

Official developers of the game tweeted on March 4th,2019 that they are trying to fix the server but are unsure when it will be fixed.


Official developed also posted on facebook that they are trying to fix the error and they estimate to recover from this issue by March 12. Yes, you heard it right after march 12 you can login to your Toram Online server and play again. This error is not because of any cyber attack so no personal information is leaked.

If your friends can easily connect to the server while you are having some unknown error then try contacting the customer support service.

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