Tides: A Fishing Game: How to Identify and Catch Fishes

Tides: A Fishing Game Guide will cover the details on catching fishes and identifying fishes. Tides is adventure fishing game where you can sail your boat and catch fishes. You can visit different islands to catch fishes. Collect coins and build more totems in order to unlock island to collect new types of fishes.

How to Catch Fish

When on a boat , cast the reel and throw bait on top of the fish where they are circling. When the fish gets baited, you can tap anywhere on the screen to reel in the fish. You can also fish from standing on the island. Your boat has a certain fish capacity.  You can release or keep the fish.

Tides Fishing Guide Tides: A Fishing Game


Identifying Fishes

If you wander close enough to the fish, it will glow with an outline. The outline denotes the size of fish. If there is no outline, then its a new fish. There are 4 types of size

  • Average – White
  • Big – Green
  • Cyan – Huge
  • Purple – Goliath

Tides: A Fishing Game

Depending on the requirements,  you can always catch new fishes and replace the fishes if your boat is full. You can also return to home island where you can sell the fishes and make money. Bigger fishes yield more money. Whenever you visit an island, the fishes are reset and you can catch more fishes.


This is all about Tides: A Fishing Game Guide to catch fishes and row boat. If you want to know basics about this game, click here!

Game Link: Tides (Android)

Game Link: Tides (iOS)


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