Tides: A Fishing Game: How to find Pets and Boat Stats

Tides: A Fishing Game Boat and Pets Guide is a guide for beginners on the types of boat and pet companions.

Tides is a adventure fishing game where you need to sail on island and catch fishes. You can have fun in this game while catching fishes. The visuals are really mesmerizing and the music score is also very calming. There are different types of boat you can use in the game. The boats get unlocked when you make progress in the game and explore islands. There are also different kinds of pet that you can acquire in the game. You pets wander around you and rest of them wander in the island. Lets take a look at the stats of the boat.


Tides: A Fishing Game

There are 13 different types of boat in the game. All of the boats have different stats. Although you start the game with a Raft. The different stats of the game are

  • Inventory – The amount of Fishes that you can carry simultaneously
  • Speed – The speed of the boat.
  • Turning – The turning speed of boat
Name Inventory Speed Turning
Raft 4 300 200
Canoe 5 300 200
Kaukahi 5 300 200
Flamingo 6 300 200
karve 7 350 225
Simple Interest 5 350 225
Just A Barrel 9 350 225
Catarmaran 6 400 250
Junk 7 400 250
Tarai-bune 8 400 250
Bullet 6 800 450
Shadow 10 600 400
Dreadnought 10 700 350



Tides: A Fishing Game

Pets are the companions in the game which roam around and gives a Companion Bonus . It is basically a little bonus gold. You can also raise the XP of pets. If you increase the XP of pets, you will get more bonus gold.

The different pets in the game are

  1. Kingfisher
  2. Chipmunk
  3. Coyote
  4. Crow
  5. Hedgehog
  6. Iguana
  7. Rooster
  8. Koala


Hope you like the Tides Boat and Pets Guide.

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