Tides: A Fishing Game Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Trick and Walkthrough

Tides: A Fishing Game Beginner’s Guide

Tides: A Fishing Game is a adventure fishing game. It was developed by Shallot Games LLC. Tides is a simple boat sailing and fishing game with stunningly calm visuals. However, the soothing instrumental music is surely a delight in the game. This game’s simplistic gameplay makes it easier for every age group to enjoy the game. You start off in an island. Your objective is to explore islands, catch new fishes and live off fishing. You are guided by a totem’s voice. The voice tells you to build a new totem which subsequently will unlock islands for exploration. You can now explore islands and the aquatic ecosystem. In the beginning you are given a raft to catch fishes. Let’s take a look at the gameplay. The game’s day/night cycle is dynamic which is awesome.


Screen and Controls Beginner’s Guide

Tides is very simple and intuitive fishing game. You can move around the character with the touch controls on the screen which is present in the middle of the screen. The game looks somewhat like this if you have ventured a little.

Tides: A Fishing Game

First button is the Setting button where you can Create and Login to accounts. You can also change the music , haptics and other dynamic visual settings. The best part is it’s a 60 fps game. Second button is for Fishing. When tapped, it will put you in fishing mode. You can cast your fishing rod to catch fishes. The third button is for exploring islands. Fourth button is Job Board where you can find tasks. Fifth button is the compendium which is like a progress log. Sixth button is shop for buying in-game items with real money, also treasure chest and in-game currency.

The top corner shows your money, pearls and pet food. Money is current credits you have for playing the game. Pearls are used to buy chests, pets and other cosmetic items. The pet food is used to raise XP of your pet.


Exploring islands and fishing

By tapping the compass button you can access the map. The first island Earthshore is available in the beginning of game. A player can sail to the next island to catch fishes. You can also explore the island for pets and treasure chests. If you find treasure chests, open it to claim gold. However, the treasure chests are found in island or floating in water. Go into the open water to catch fishes. When you catch a fish, you can earn gold when you travel back to Home Island. When you catch a new fish, you add fish data to compendium. You can only catch 5 fishes at a time. When full, if you catch more, you can replace it using some gold.



Additional Tasks

Make Fishing Friends

You can make up to 3 fishing companions in the game. Upgrade the XP of companions to increase the gold income from fishing. You might need to accumulate gold for making fishing companions.



Upgrade boats and collect Pets

As you move along the game you will be able to construct a shop, a dock, and a sanctuary. You can buy some items in the shop for customization. New boats of different rarity can be bought and upgraded on docks. In the sanctuary, you will find different pets you can collect. As your further progress in the game you can buy new pets.

Tides: A Fishing Game


Build Totems to unlock Islands

If you build totems in the totem arena, you can unlock the islands. Unlocking island allows you to sail to that island and explore the island and catch fishes. The more totems you build, the more expensive it gets. Unlock more islands to open up maps and expand your compendium.

Tides: A Fishing Game Beginner's Guide: Tips, Trick and Walkthrough



The main village area consists of huts and a bonfire. You can visit the stylist to change your character looks. The drums can be constructed to change the in-game music. All of the three tracks are soothing. You can also access the job board to check for jobs.

Tides: A Fishing Game Beginner's Guide: Tips, Trick and Walkthrough


Tides: A Fishing Game Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Trick and Walkthrough

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