The Tower: Idle Tower Defense Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

The Tower: Idle Tower Defense

The Tower: Idle Tower Defense is a game where you have upgrade one tower incrementally and destroy the anomalies headed towards you. You start off as a tower in the middle. The attack system is automatic. You have to just upgrade the different stats of the game. In the game there are three types of currency. Firstly the on-the-go upgrade currency $ which is used to upgrade while playing. Secondly, Coins which are used for unlocking certain upgrades. Coins can also be used to permanently upgrade a stat throughout the game. Finally, Diamonds which are the premium currency in the game. You can watch ads or complete task in offerwall. Diamonds can also be bought from real money.

There are basically three types of Stats Upgrade

  1. Attack
  2. Defense
  3. Utility

There are even more sub-category upgrades to each of the stats mentioned above . It can be unlocked using coins. To acquire coins you need to play the game. Let’s take a look on how to successfully destroy a wave

The Tower: Idle Tower Defense


You start as a tower in the middle. You don’t have to do anything except upgrade. Your objective is to survive the waves until its destruction. The blocks headed your way can destroy the tower if they eat up through HP.. You can also change the speed of gameplay or pause the game .

Choose Your Upgrades Suitably

In the very beginning you will find fewer upgrades, that you can make like damage, attack speed, critical factor, health, regen. In the earlier waves its easy to deal with the block. As you advance, more faster and tougher blocks show up. They are very difficult to destroy. That’s why you need to choose your upgrades carefully. Eventually you will get destroyed no matter. But you will be earning coins which you can use for unlocks and permanent upgrades.

Play More Games

As you play more games, you will be able to earn more and more coins. These coins can now be used for two purposes. To unlock the additional upgrades and to permanently upgrade. If you upgrade more, then you will able to move further waves. You can also think of what other upgrades you can combine with it.

Unlock and Equip Cards

There are certain cards in the game which will amplify one of the stats in the game . You are granted one card slot in the game. Whereas, you can unlock another card slot using 50 diamonds. There are variety of cards to choose from. You can also change the equipped card midgame if you want the stats you need. One new card card be unlocked using 20 diamonds. Try to make a good combination of cards to level the battlefield. Each card has 7 levels.

Dont’ Rely entirely on One Stat

You should never keep on upgrading one stat only. For example if you are maxing out on Attack, then you will be lagging on Defense stats. The Utility stats are important as well. You should try to equalize among all the stats to advance maximum waves. After unlocking some upgrades, you will have more stats to upgrade to. This will further allow you to advance in the waves. Most of the times you will need to rely on Attack upgrades as more difficult enemies show up. But Defense is equally important.

Look out for Diamond Box

While playing the game, a random diamond box appears sometimes. Tap on it to claim the diamonds. You can also watch ads and complete other task in order to get the diamonds.


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Game Link: The Tower – Idle Tower Defense (Android)

The Tower: Idle Tower Defense Stats Guide

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