Text or Die : Trivia Game Walkthrough, Tips and Trick to be Winner

Text or Die by Rollic Games is a classic trivia and general knowledge game. The avatar is standing atop stacks of blocks which is a safe haven. Below is ocean full of sharks who will gobble you up if you start to drown. The objective of player is to giver correct answer to the questions. The questions appears on the screen and the number of letters of correct answer equals that number of stacks you gain. It’s a sort of King of the Hill mode. The water level keeps rising so you should answer effectively. Lets check into some tips and tricks


text or die

Normally your screen would mostly look like this asking you random questions.  Your objective is to form the longest word for the answer in order to get maximum stacks. If you last till the last round, you are the winner of the game. You will get random questions related to things which are really common.


  • Read the questions quickly
  • Form long word answers
  • Take help of friends.
  • Take help of internet (just kidding)



In bonus round which looks like this, you’ll be allowed to select topics as follows:

  • Words
  • Animals
  • Science
  • Music
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Geography
  • Food




In the Shop section, you can customize your avatar, hat and blocks. You can watch ads to unlock or spend the coins for some cosmetics. You also get in-game drops if you are connected to the internet.

Enjoy the game with opponents online. If you like the game support the developers.

Game Link: Text or Die (Android)

Game Link: Text or Die (iOS)

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