TAP DIG MY MUSEUM! Guide, Tips, Collect Bones, Sell & Much More



TAP DIG MY MUSEUM! is a simulation game developed by oridio. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK HERE and iOS file from HERE. If you have an interest in dinosaurs fossils this game might be perfect for you. You can excavate these fossils and display them in your museum. You need to collect coins from visitors and use them to expand your museum, excavate more fossils and complete the skeletal body.

In this post of TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! we will show you the game guide, how to excavate dinosaur parts easily, how to earn coin faster, how to expand your museum and much more.


This most interesting part of this game is to excavate different fossils and displaying them in your museum. To excavate a fossil in this game, you need to tap on the red skull dino icon at the bottom of the game screen and then select the which dinosaur you want to complete. Tap on the tool icon and you will be transferred to the excavation site. You can see your progress meter before tapping on the tool icon at the top right corner of the screen. Once you collect all the dinosaur fossils, the displayed unit will start to glowing golden and you will earn extra coins.

To excavate a fossil you need to tap on the soil and based on the level of your tool the digging will take place. We recommend you to max out the upgrade of your tool to easily excavate the bones. Once you have maxed out your tool, you can now sell the old bones that you have excavated and place new ones on the display unit. To sell bones of a dinosaur, tap on the dino icon at the bottom of the screen and select the displaying unit. There you can tap on the money bag icon to sell the fossils to sell the item.

During excavation focus on the soil as you can get some clue where the fossil might be. Sometimes some fossils might be below a rock and you need to spend an extra digging to excavate the fossil, so save some digging points for the last and lookout for any clue for the fossil.

TAP DIG MY MUSEUM! How To Collect Bones Easily

Bones that you excavate are displayed in your museum through which you earn coins. In a single excavation, you can get up to 2 fossils. You need to carefully select where to mine and if you see a part of fossils, try to dig up that place. To get these bones easily, you need to upgrade your excavation power. You can upgrade them by tapping on the yellow monument icon at the bottom of the game screen. The excavation upgrade will be a mine tool sign and you can upgrade it only 6 times. Max out this upgrade to increase the area of digging for excavation.


Coins are earned from visitors that visit your museum. Try to excavate as many fossils as you can and display them in your museum to earn coins easily.  You can increase the number of visitors by tapping on the yellow monument icon at the bottom of the game screen and selecting the first upgrade. When you try to excavate a fossil in this game, it will cost you some coins. As you progress in this game and excavate rare dinosaurs, the cost of excavation will also go up.

During digging, you will also earn some coins, if you excavate both the dinosaur bones you will get all the hidden coins. So try to collect both the bones to earn some extra coins that will help you in upgrading your museum. You can just touch your phone screen and slide your finger to collect all the coins, you don’t need to tap on each coin to collect them.


Upgrade Miners

Upgrading your miner will increase your capacity to dig more during excavation. Each upgrade will increase your capacity by 2. You can upgrade your miner only 15 times in this game. So if you are missing excavating the fossils by 1 or 2 digs, you need to prioritize this upgrade first.

Expand Museum

Even if you haven’t completed a dinosaur 100%, you can expand anathor spot and add few fossils. In this way, you earn coins from the displayed units. Once you fill all 6 spots in the room, you will have an option to expand your museum and unlock an area on the right side by spending 10k coins. You can switch between both of these rooms by tapping on the arrow icon by touching the game screen.

Excavate 100% Dinosaurs For Extra Coin

Once you complete the dinosaur 100, it will start glowing golden and you will earn more coins. If you excavate a dinosaur area and find similar fossils, it will add up to that 100% and you can see a + sign with the number of same fossils that you have excavated. Excavating the same fossils again will increase the capacity of the coin we get from that displayed unit.

Invite People To Your Museum

At the bottom left corner of the game screen, you can see a gift box icon. By tapping on that icon and watching an Ad you will invite 50 people to your museum and who will give coins according to the number of dinosaurs displayed in your museum. With this feature, you will earn a huge amount of coins which will be helpful in upgrading your miner or museum.

Use Extra Minning Chance

While digging up, during the end moment when you have only 1 or 2 digs left but you are sure that if you get few more chances you will get the second fossil. At the top of your capacity bar, you can see a miner icon. By tapping on that icon, you have to watch a small Ad and you get some extra digging chance.

Keep The Game Open

You don’t earn any coin when you quit this game or if the game is offline. So you can keep the game open for some time and complete your other task and in the meantime collecting the coins once in a while. This way also you will earn a huge amount of coins and can upgrade your museum faster. You can just slide your finger and collect all the coins at once and leave it open for some time again.

Collect Money Bags

Sometimes some visitors like the displayed artifact so much that they drop big coin bags. These coin bags contains a huge amount of coins and helps you in upgrading the museum. So collect the fossils and complete a dinosaur as soon as possible to get coins bags.

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