Superhexio Hexagonal War Guide, Tips, Strategy To Conquer All Blocks



SuperHexio is a mini online action multiplayer game developed by Tekko Studios. The game is available in both Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file by clicking HERE. The game seems fun and competitive as you fight with other players for hexagonal blocks. You need to increase your territory and claim other players territory by going over their block.

You can control the pointer by holding the screen and steering the analog. You can check the number of tiles you have conquered at the top-right corner of the game screen. In this guide of Superhexio, we will talk about some basic tips to not die easily, do’s & don’t and conquer a large number of blocks.

SuperHexio Guide/ Tips

Never Completely Surround Your Base

In Superhexio, while conquering blocks if you touch your own line, you will die and have to restart from the beginning.  Once you have a big territory, you can move inside it without worrying about dying. If an enemy comes inside your territory, you just need to touch them with pointer and they will have to restart again.

Keep Checking the scoreboard

When you have conquered a large amount of block, always have an eye on the scoreboard. If you see your score decreasing, check your block to catch the culprit who has been stealing from you.

Predict The Path Of Your Enemy

If while conquering, you come into the territory of any other player. Look for the pattern of his block conquered and predict where his pointer might be so that you can go to the other end of his territory and claim the blocks.

Keep Patience And Conquer Block Few At A Time

The main objective of the game is to build the biggest hexagons territory, and for building that you need patience. To do or create something big, we should keep patience and take smaller steps at a time to prevent bigger loss.

So at the beginning of the game, conquer small block so that other pointers cant cross your line and keep expanding your territory.

Check Ping Before Playing

You can check your connection strength at the left bottom corner of the screen. If your ping is less than 150, the game is suitable for you to play. If it’s more than that, you might disconnect and join some other server or switch your internet connection because the game might lag for you and you can die easily.

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