Sultan Forces Guide, Tips, Increase Power, Upgrade Heroes & Many More

Sultan Forces

Sultan Forces

Sultan Forces is a massive multiplayer online strategy game developed by ONEMT LIMITED. The game is now available on play store and App Store. The APK file can be downloaded from HERE and the iOS file from HERE. In this game, you have to build your civilization, make alliances, plunder, loot, gather resources and many more. The gameplay is from the middle eastern era, where you can choose between three civilization later in the game. Your default civilization will be sand and you will unlock the remaining two upon upgrading your civilization.

In this post, we will give you beginners guide, main buildings to upgrade, how to increase your empire power, upgrade heroes and many more. Let us start with the basic guide.

Sultan Forces Guide

At the beginning of the game, you will have a basic tutorial on how to build your structure, attack enemies in battle, build troops and some basic things. In this game, the most important building is your fortress. Most the elite troops, research, djinn, arena and many more areas will unlock upon upgrading your fortress.

There are a variety of buildings and structure in this game, you can check in details about each building and their usage from our previous post. In this game there are a variety of modes a player can enjoy, you can attack enemy player, capture ruins, defeat monster, and djinns, and you can also play hidden realm with your heroes and upgrade them.

How To Upgrade Heroes Class And Quality

You can upgrade heroes class by tapping on the hood icon at the bottom of the screen, select the hero you want to upgrade, tap on + sign and equip the item. Once you have equipped all the 6 items, you can upgrade the class of that hero.

To upgrade the class of the heroes, you need certain items. You can get those items by completing stages in the hidden realm. Once you complete a stage in 3 stars, you can auto-complete it later to collect the item rewards.

Upgrading class grants stats boost, new skills and many more. To upgrade the quality of a hero, you need shards to collect by playing the hidden realm. To play hidden realm, tap on the shinning building in front of your fortress. After collecting enough shards, go to heroes icon, select any hero and at the bottom of the screen tap on upgrade.

Sultan Forces: Increase Empire Power


You can check your empire power at the top right side of the game screen. Empire power can be increased by constructing buildings and upgrading them, training troops, and doing research. You can also increase the empire power by upgrading walls, stationing heroes and training thralls in the wall to increase the defense. To assign hero and thrall’s to the wall, tap on your wall and select defense. There tap station hero and select your heroes to station them. Train thrall’s by selecting the second option. To increase the amount of thrall’s you can train, you need to upgrade your walls.

Resources Required To Upgrade Buildings And How To Get Them

To Upgrade buildings, you need to meet certain criteria like your other buildings should have this much level and some resources. The resources required are:

  • Grain
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Silver

You can produce these resources in your civilization by building mines and farms. You can also increase their production rate by upgrading those buildings and completing research skills. Check your bag to unlock resources claimed from completing early game quests.

There is another resource gold in the game which is used in research purpose. By researching skills you can increase your building construction speed, resource production rate, wall, thrall and watch tower skills and many more. To research these skills, tap on the research building in your civilization and start your research.

Sultan Forces: How To Attack Other Players

To attack other players, tap on the map icon at the left bottom corner of the game screen. There you can see your empire and other players. Select the player that you want to attack and near your empire, tap on their empire and scout. Always scout your enemy before attacking to know the capacity of their troops.

Once you have scouted the enemy, build enough troops and attack them. Sending a large army will require some time. Once the battle is over, you will get a report in your mail. Tap the mail icon at the bottom of the screen and go to report to check the battle outcome.

Note: There are lots of other variety feature and basic things to learn like upgrading walls, increasing thrall to maximize your defense, upgrade your parade ground to increase the number of heroes you can use in battle, how to move your empire and many more. We can’t cover up the entire game, so if you have any doubt and that is not cleared by reading our post, do mention in the comment and we will be happy to help.

Sultan Forces Tips
Join An Alliance Asap

As soon as you are eligible to join an alliance, find the best suitable alliance for you and join. As your alliance members can also help you in upgrading your buildings and fighting outside monsters. Don’t forget to tap on the hand icon the left side of your game screen. That will help your alliance members in upgrading their buildings.

There is also various feature in an alliance tab. To join an alliance tap on the alliance icon at the bottom of the screen, select an alliance and join. You can donate in the alliance tab to increase your alliance honor so that you can buy special items from the alliance shop.

Re-Do Hidden Realm Stages.

Re-Do hidden Realm Stages to collect items to upgrade your heroes class. Upgrading heroes class will unlock special skills and give bonus stats to your heroes making them more stronger.  If you won’t re-do these stages and upgrade your hero class, at a certain point of the stage you can’t progress anymore.

Check Your Bag For Bonus Rewards

The game provides tons of bonus rewards at the early stage of the game to give us a boost. So keep checking your bag for awesome rewards like VIP points. You can also upgrade your VIP level and gain a certain boost by completing the quest. To check your bag tap on the bag icon at the bottom of the game screen.

Don’t Spend All Your Gem

In this game as a beginners boost, you get a lot of gems through completing quests. But don’t spend all your gem at an early stage of the game to upgrade buildings. You can save your gem to use it for changing civilization later in the game. To change civilization you would require 3000 diamonds.

Collect Event Rewards

Event rewards give a massive boost to upgrading and building. To claim event rewards tap on the first icon at the left top corner of the screen below the shop. There you can claim various rewards after completing quests like speed up 15min and other resources.

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