Stone Miner Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks and Explanation

Stone Miner is a stone mining game by ZPLAY Games. In this game, you are given a truck. You have to crush the stones, collect them and sell them to earn money. There are several terrains where you have to mine stones. You can advance into next levels after you reach a certain milestone. After you grind the stones, your truck will auto collect the stones. Now when you have enough stones in your truck, you can unload it in the sell area to get the money. This is how you have to earn money. By earning money, you can upgrade your crusher truck to work more efficiently. You have to collect certain amount of stone and sell it. Subsequently, you will be allowed to move onto the next level. In this guide we will learn about the basic and know how about the game.

Basics – Mining and Selling

As you can see this is the game. You have to move the truck with your fingers. Move the truck into the grinding area and you can grind the rocks. After grinding the rocks, the truck will auto collect the stones. The left side bar shows the capacity of your truck. However when it’s maxed fill, you cannot pick more. After that you will have to dump it on sell area. For example, if your capacity is 600, you cannot pick more than that. You will gain money after selling. Firstly, you have to collect huge amount of money. Secondly, you can spend money on certain upgrades which will be discussed. Although, in the shop section you can buy new grinders by using the gems. The premium currency in the game are gems.

Upgrade your Grinder

Stone Miner

You can always upgrade your grinder at the upgrade area. Therefore upgrading the grinder stats increase the power.  Moreover adding up power increases efficiency of mining. However some special upgrades are available which will be discussed later. Here you can upgrade some stats of the grinder such as

  • Add one ring of spikes (50 power)
  • Add one spike per ring (50 power)
  • Increase size of spikes (60 power)
  • Increase rotation speed (100 power)
  • Truck Speed Increase (475 speed)
  • Truck Capacity Increase (1000 chunks)
  • Rail Cart Speed Increase (850 speed)
  • Rail Cart Capacity Increase (700 chunks)

Each of the upgrades will cost you certain money. In other words, grind stone and generate money.

Check for Daily Rewards

You have daily rewards on the game. If you can login everyday, then you should. Further you can get money or gems as rewards. Cosmetic items are also available for drop in the daily rewards.

Different Ores and Tolerance

There are different kind of stones and ores in a certain terrain. In addition to that your truck will slow down if tougher ores are encountered. The ores are colored differently. When your grinder is unable to grind properly, the grinder will turn red. This indicates that you have to upgrade your grinder. You should go to to upgrade area for the grinder upgrade.

Stone Miner

Unlock Pet Shop and Factory

Unlocking pet shop and Factory will allow you access to certain upgrades. You can unlock certain pets in the game and equip it. When you equip a pet, the efficiency is affected positively and you can mine more


If you like the game, please support the developer

Game Link: Stone Miner (Android)

Game Link: Stone Miner (iOS)


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