Stickman Hook Tips, Guide, New Skins &Cheats To Complete All Stages

Stickman Hook

Stickman hook is an addictive arcade game developed by Madbox. The game is available in both Android And iOS. You can download the APK file fromĀ  HERE and iOS file from HERE. The objective of the game is to cover a certain amount of distance to complete a stage. Swing your stickman like spider-man complete all the stage’s and unlock new skin with the help of our guide.

In this guide, we will talk about Stickman Hook guide, tips, how to unlock skins and cheats to complete all stages easily.

Stickman Hook Guide/ Tips/ Cheats

Hold And Release At the Perfect Time

This may be the most basic tip that we are writing here, but its the most important one. Hold the screen at the right time, to increase the speed of your character while swinging. If you hold the screen at the wrong time, the rope through which the stickman will swing be short resulting in less distance covered.

So touch and hold the screen at the right time, to keep the length of the rope optimum. You must also release the rope at the right moment so that the stickman covers a lot of distance. If you release at the wrong time, it may fall at the bottom or go too high so that he can’t cover much distance.

Play Even If Your Character Goes Out Of Screen

In this game, if your character goes out of the screen you can still play it as long as he doesn’t fall in the bottom of the game screen. Sometimes your character will be too fast and very high and you don’t even need to use your swing to complete these stage. Try to look for a way to use this method in some stages to complete them.

If your character swing is attached to the point, he won’t die even if he is at the bottom of the screen and out of the border. Your character will keep swinging, and at one point he may come up a little. Use that time to hook to another point and try to complete the stage. If your character is out of the screen and at the bottom of the map swinging and haven’t shown his face and you leave the swing, you have started from the beginning of that stage.

Move Little Backward To Go Much Further

Sometimes use your swing, to go back and use the bouncer to advance further at a greater speed. Try to do a variety of tricks using the rope. Make incredible high jumps using bouncer and complete the stage.

Different Stages & Skins To Unlock

Stickman Hook has 3 different game mode. The first is a normal game mode which has a lot of stages, the second is the challenge mode and the third one is a rank mode where you race with other characters to win medals. Upon winning medals, you can unlock various skins. Each skin has its own unique finish line animations, so completing the stages and unlock all skins.

Similarly, by completing the normal and challenge mode stages, you will unlock various skins. To equip your skin, tap on the skin icon at the main home game screen and select the skin that you want to equip. You can also unlock various skins by watching videos, tap on the skin icon and select the skin that you want to unlock. After completing the video, the skin will automatically unlock.

Play Without Ads

Ads are the major income of any developer of mobile. We should check out few ads while playing the game to support the developers but when an ad pops up after every 2-3 stage, a player loses his momentum in such type of game.

To disable ads while playing you can turn off your internet and wifi and then start the game. Ads are mostly shown with the help of your internet. So once you turn that off, you can play any game single player offline game without ads.

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