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SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures is an idle adventure game by Kongregate. You have to dive into dimensions and complete levels. Join SpongeBob and his friend in this amazing adventure game. Your objective is to power a vortex machine and complete tasks. In order to do that you will have to assign tasks to characters. You can also check the available characters in the workers section. Upgrade the workers for more efficiency.  In this guide we will discuss the types of workers and their classification and tier list. In total there are 90 workers in the main game. There are also event workers that are specific to a particular event. In case of new events, new workers will be added.

SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures Beginner’s Guide


SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

The workers are the characters in the game.  You can assign these workers to a particular building in order to generate items. The items are then converted to energy. You can then use energy to upgrade the building and increase rank. Some workers can work automatically. For non-automated workers, you need to manually tap on the workers to make them work. Firstly, we will see the class of workers.


There are 7 different class of workers in the game

  1. Collector – These workers usually collect resources from other buildings and bring it to energy converter.
  2. Educational – There workers works in the educational institutions and generate resources.
  3. Entertainment – These workers are in the entertainment establishments and generate resources.
  4. Food – These workers are employed in the food outlets to generate resources.
  5. Residential – These workers live in residential area and handle lodging to generate resources.
  6. Converter – There workers work in the energy converter collecting resources and feeding them to converter.
  7. Sport – These workers work in the sport complexes and generate energy.

There are 5 different rarity of workers in the game

  1. Common (Green) – Very Common cards with base multiplier of 2x.
  2. Rare (Cyan) – Rare cards with base multiplier of 4x.
  3. Epic (Pink) – High Rare cards with base multiplier of 8x.
  4. Legendary (Golden) – Super Rare cards with base multiplier of 16x.
  5. Mythic (Red) – Ultra Rare cards with base multiplier of 32x.

Worker List

SpongeBobCollectorCommon2xMain World
Birthday SpongebobCollectorRare4xBirthday Dimension
S. FancypantsCollectorRare4xMustache Dimension
Sir SpongebobCollectorEpic8xMedieval Dimension
ChocolateBobCollectorCommon2xFood Dimension
Mrs. PuffEducationalCommon2xMain World
Birthday PuffEducationalEpic8xBirthday Dimension
ShubieEducationalCommon2xMain World
CupcakeCookingCommon2xFood Dimension
Harold SquarepantsEducationalLegendary16xMain World
Margaret SquarepantsEducationalLegendary16xMain World
PatrickEntertainmentCommon2xMain World
Birthday PatrickResidentialCommon2xBirthday Dimension
Sir PatrickFoodCommon2xMedieval World
Sideburn StarEducationalCommon2xMustache Dimension
DoughnutResidentialCommon2xFood Dimension
PearlEntertainmentCommon2xMain World
Birthday PearlCookingEpic8xBirthday Dimension
TwirlResidentialCommon2xMustache Dimension
Princess PearlConverterEpic8xMedieval Dimension
LarrySportEpic8xMain World
Birthday LarryCookingCommon2xBirthday Dimension
HarryEntertainmentCommon2xMustache Dimension
Red KnightEntertainmentCommon2xMedieval Dimension
Bubble BuddyEntertainmentMythic32xMain World
Stubble BuddyEducationalRare4xMustache Dimension
SquidwardFoodCommon2xMain World
Birthday SquidwardEntertainmentEpic8xBirthday Dimension
Goatee TentaclesSportRare4xMustache Dimension
Squidly TentaclesEntertainmentRare4xMedieval Dimension
Bubble BassFoodRare4xMain World
PickleSportRare4xFood Dimension
TomFoodRare4xMain World
GaryResidentialCommon2xMain World
Birthday GaryEducationalCommon2xBirthday Dimension
WhiskersEntertainmentRare4xMustache Dimension
LeechEducationalRare4xMedieval Dimension
Old Man JenkinsResidentialCommon2xMain World
Old Man WalkerResidentialRare4xMain World
MableResidentialRare4xMain World
RaisinConverterCommon2xFood Dimension
Barnacle BoyResidentialLegendary16xMain World
Birthday BoyEntertainmentRare4xBirthday Dimension
Mermaid ManResidentialLegendary16xMain World
Birthday ManSportRare4xBirthday Dimension
Merstache ManResidentialEpic8xMustache Dimension
SandyConverterCommon2xMain World
Birthday SandyResidentialLegendary16xBirthday Dimension
Muttonchop CheeksConverterCommon2xMustache World
Dark KnightSportEpic8xMedieval Dimension
KarenConverterRare4xMain World
Birthday KarenConverterCommon2xBirthday Dimension
SharenConverterLegendary16xMustache Dimension
Karen The Crystal BallConverterRare4xMedieval Dimension
HaroldConverterEpic8xMain World
Flying DutchmanConverterMythic32xMain World
Birthday DutchmanEducationalMythic32xBirthday Dimension
Dutch BeardmanResidentialMythic32xMustache Dimension
Don The WhaleSportsCommon2xMain World
SteakConverterRare4xFood Dimension
ScooterSportsCommon2xMain World
FredSportsRare4xMain World
WeenieEntertainmentLegendary16xFood Dimension
CheeseEducationalCommon2x Food Dimension
IgorEducationalCommon2xMedieval Dimension
PlanktonCookingEpic8xMain World
Birthday PlanktonEntertainmentLegendary16xBirthday Dimension
Peach Fuzz PlanktonCookingCommon2xMustache Dimension
PlanktonamorEducationalRare4xMedieval Dimension
Flats The FounderEducationalEpic8xMain World
Flats ManchuEducationalEpic8xMustache Dimension
Grandma SquarepantsResidentialEpic8xMain World
King NeptuneEntertainmentEpic8xMain World
Birthday KingConverterRare4xBirthday Dimension
Mr. KrabsCookingCommon2xMain World
Birthday KrabsSportCommon2xBirthday Dimension
Sir Silver KrabsSportLegendary16xMustache Dimension
King KrabsResidentialMythic32xMedieval Dimension
BlacksmithSportCommon2xMedieval Dimension
Dungeon MasterResidentialCommon2xMedieval Dimension
King MorrieCookingLegendary16xMedieval Dimension
Queen MorrieResidentialLegendary16xMedieval Dimension
PattyCookingRare4xFood Dimension
NoodleSportEpic8xFood Dimension
PizzaEducationEpic8xFood Dimension
TacoResidentialEpic8xFood Dimension
Sea ChickenSportLegendary16xFood Dimension
Goofy GooberCookingMythic32xFood Dimension

Tier List

Anything Mythic or Legendary should be considered to be deployed. Mythic Workers have 32x multiplier and Legendary Workers have 16x multiplier. Different buildings will have different requirement for automation like Worker Level and different Rarity. You will also need to be participating in events. Because some of the event card are of higher rarity and they will be very effective. For example King Krabs from Medieval Dimension have better efficiency on Residential class than Gary. You can compare the list from the Worker List above. Remember Mythic > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Common



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