SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures Beginner’s Guide Part 1

SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures is an idle adventure game by Kongregate. In this adventure, you have access to a vortex machine. Using the vortex machine you can travel to other dimensions. There are lots of things to discover and lots of task to do. You need to complete the task in order to advance levels. There are wide variety of workers in the game. Even there are alternate realities of the characters. Sandy’s vortex machine is going to take Patrick and SpongeBob into the new adventures. Lets look at the game mechanics and the task to be done in this guide.

SpongeBob’s Idle Adventure Worker Tier List


SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

This is what the game looks like. The three buildings that you see are the ones you always start a dimension with. Vortex Machine and Treedome are permanent in every dimension. The third building is a random building that generates production items.  All of the buildings in the game needs worker to carry out the task. When you hire a worker at Treedome, the worker will collect items from other buildings and dump infront of vortex machine. The worker at vortex machine will feed items in the machine. This is how you generate energy. Energy is used for leveling up building or increasing their rank. When you complete all the tasks, you will be able to advance dimensions. Krabby Patties are the in-game credits used to level up workers. The energy generated is used to unlock and level up the  buildings. Gems are the premium currency in the game.


Automate the Buildings

SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

When you unlock a building or in the start, you will need to assign workers in the building to carry out the necessary process. Firstly, you will hire worker into a certain building. If the worker is of Level 1, then the process won’t be automated. You will have to manually tap the worker in order to make it work. If the worker is of Level 2 or greater, then all the process will be automated. Once the process is automated, you can idly let the game work for you. You can open up the game anytime to check the progress.

Upgrade your Workers

SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

When the workers are at Level 1, then the workers won’t be automated. After you level up the worker to Level 2, then the workers will be automated. Once automated, the process will be carried out automatically. If the process is carried out automatically,  then you can leave the game idle or you can focus on other stuff. Once automated, the energy will be generated and then you can level up the building and unlock other buildings. As, the game goes by, you will be able to generate more amount of energy per instance. You will need Krabby Patties and required number of Cards in order to level up the worker. You can also buy cards from the shop

Pay Attention for Jellyfish

SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

When you are active in the game, sometimes you will notice a jellyfish moving across the screen. When you tap the jellyfish, you will get a rewarded ad bonus. Mostly you get the pink jellyfish which rewards you with 10x times the current energy. If you are lucky, you will come across a blue jellyfish which will reward you with gems. The gems are the premium currency in the game and can be used to buy several items in the game.

Complete the Quest Tasks to use the Vortex

SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

The top progress bar shows the Quests needed to be completed to move on to the other dimension. Each dimension have a unique task accordingly. Further, once you complete the task, you will be eligible to claim the rewards. The number of bars indicate the number of quests you need to complete in order to advance into other dimensions. Once you complete all the tasks, you willable to go home dimension and advance further

Look out for Events

SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

In the bottom tab if you see, there is a events tab. Special weekly events are held where you are sent to another dimension. That dimension has the same mechanics but will have different currency and different workers. You can also earn from that dimension and from the home dimension. there is only one catch. If you unlock some worker from the Event dimension, then you will also be able to use it in the home dimension. Usually the workers unlocked from the Event dimension have higher multipliers than the regular ones. So loot whatever you can from the dimension.

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Game Link: SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures (iOS)


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