Soul Destiny: Guide, Tips To Increase CP, Rebirth, And Rank Tier

Soul Destiny
Soul Destiny

Soul Destiny is a role-playing game developed by EYOUGAME(USS). The game features rich graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. It is an open world RPG game with the auto-battle feature. The game seems to be pay to win, but even free players can reach a higher level but it might take some time. So the developers added this auto feature for the free players to level up easily. You can download Soul Destiny APK from Play Store, as right now its only available on Android.

In this post, we will show you some talk about some basic guide about the game like ways to increase combat power, quickly increase EXP, enhance gears and many more.

Soul Destiny Guide
Ways To Increase Your Combat Power

Wings can be upgraded by using Wing Enhance Gem. You can play arena matches to get the wing to enhance gem. To play arena matches, tap on arena icon at the top of the screen, go to the 3rd tab Peak Arena.


Relics can be upgraded by using Relic Enhance Gem. You can enter the void realm to get these gems. To play void realm, tap on the arena on top of the screen and select the second tab Void Realm.


Arms can be upgraded by using Arms Enhance Gem. You can get these gems from the void realm.


There are various ELFS which needs to be activated in order to use them. You will get a default elf which of which you can increase combat power using ELF blessing scroll. You can collect these scrolls by playing the dungeon mode. Tap on the dungeon icon on the top of the screen and you can select to enter solo or as a team.

You can also increase the combat power of your ELF by devouring the low-level gears.


The game rewards a default mount as you reach a certain character level. There are different kinds of mounts available in soul destiny. You can also get a cool Shark Mount by login in the game on the 2nd day. We recommend you not to upgrade your default mount and save your mount blessing scrolls for the shark mount.

Enhance Gears And Embed Gems

Tap on the arrow icon at the left- bottom corner of the screen and select forge. There you can enhance all your gears that your character has equipped. you can check what gear is a character is wearing by tapping on your bag icon at the left-bottom corner of your screen.

If you see some numbers with G and wondering what does it mean. It means that the gear of that grade. The higher the grade, the better the gear. If you have a Grade 11 gear you can fuse up to 5 gems and increase its combat power

You can visit the gem icon on the left-bottom of your screen and embedded the gem into the gear by tapping on the + icon.

How To Get Better Gears
World Boss

You can enter world boss mode by tapping on world boss on the top of your screen. But remember to enter the world boss who has peace written on their portrait. As in another world, boss PVP is enabled and you will die instantly as there are many high-level players.

Guild Shop

After a certain level when you unlock your guild, tap on the double arrow icon at the left bottom corner of your screen and join a guild. Once you join the guild, enter the guild and select shop from the left tab.

How To Quickly Increase Your Exp

Visit the dungeon and select the team tab. There you can see EXP vault and gear vault. Enter the Exp vault by auto-matching or if you are playing with your friends then invite them. Use your efficiency exp boost and battle cry to maximize the exp gained.

Soul Destiny: Rebirth

There is a total of 8 active skills but only 4 are available in default. The rest of the skills can unlock by rebirth which will unlock as you reach Level 150. Once you reach level 150, you can tap on the rebirth icon on the right- top corner and select proceed.

Soul Destiny: Soulmate

Soulmate gets unlocked as you reach level 170. You can find your soul mate, build homes together, visit each other home and you can also raise babies.

Soul Destiny: Tip

As you know every feature in this game is auto. You just need to tap on the screen when something pops up and during enhancing your elf, gear, and mount. But don’t forget to complete the side quest which also grants a lot of rewards. The game won’t automatically complete the side quests, you need to tap on the side quests at the left side of the screen to complete them.

Don’t forget to collect achievement rewards. To collect these rewards, tap on the double arrow icon at the left bottom corner of the screen and select “Achmt” with a trophy icon. Visit that icon and claim your rewards.

Soul Destiny: Rank Tier

There is a total of  50 ranks in soul destiny which can be unlocked as you keep progressing in the game and collecting  Merit Medal. Merit Medal is used to unlocking these ranks. Each rank has its own advance bonus stats which increases your CP(Combat Power). You also need to meet certain Combat power of your character to unlock these rank title which will be displayed above your character head in the game. You can check your own combat power on the top left corner of the screen beside your character portrait

Citizen – CP 1100

Warrior – CP 3300

Junker- CP 6600

Squire – CP 11000

Ranger- CP 16500

Sergeant- CP 23100

Knight- CP 30800

King Knight- CP 39600

Lord- CP 49500

Baronet- CP 60500

Baron – CP 72600

Viscount- CP 85800

Earl- CP 100100

Marquis- CP 115500

Duke- CP 13200

Grand Duke- CP 149600

Prince- CP 149600

Crown Prince- CP188100

King- CP 209000

Emperor- CP 231000

God Herald I – CP 254100, God Herald II – CP 278300, God Herald III – CP 303600

Demigod I – CP 330000, Demigod II – CP 357500, Demigod III – CP 386100

Quasi-God I – CP 415800, Quasi-God II – CP 446600, Quasi-God III – CP 478500

God officer I – CP 511500, God officer II – CP 545600, God officer III – CP 580800

Giant God I – CP 617100, Giant God II – CP 654500, Giant God III – CP 693000

God I – CP 732600, God II – CP 773300, God III – CP 815100

Lord God I – CP 858000, Lord God II – CP 902000, Lord God III – CP 947100

Dominator I – CP 993300, Dominator II – CP1040600, Dominator III – CP 1089000

God King I – CP 1138500, God King II – CP 1189100, God King III – CP 1240800

Supreme God I – CP 1293600, Supreme God II – CP 1347500, Supreme God III – CP 1402500

Note- If you have any query about the game of any feature, you can comment below and we will be happy to help.

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