Soccer Royale 2019 Guide, Tips, Cheats, Characters And Their Abilities


Soccer Royale 2019

Soccer Royale 2019 is a strategic, sports aiming game developed by Genera Games. You can call this game the mixture of two world famous mobile games “Clash Royale” and “8 Ball”. You have to unlock different cards which can be used in the match to score goals. You will win the game by scoring the first 2 goals.

In this post, we will show you beginners guide, tips, starting cards abilities and strategy to win the game.

Soccer Royale 2019 Beginners Guide

In this game, when you start a match each team will have 5 players including the goalkeeper. You have a total of 8 cards in your deck and can use only 1 out of 4 cards. You can also check your next card which in a queue at the bottom of the game screen.

Make sure to never use your middle player to shoot the ball. That is your goalkeeper and you should use the Gordon card on him. Gordon is the goalkeeper that will. You can also move your player during the defense phase to defend the ball.

Once you use Gordon, he will disappear. Every card has its own ability and special skills which will unlock as you keep upgrading your cards. There are 3 rarities of cards which are:

Every card has 3 special skills and the first skill is unlocked by default.

  • Common-  2nd Skill Unlock At Level  7 and 3rd Skill Will Unlock At Level  13.
  • Rare-  2nd Skill Unlock At Level  6 and 3rd Skill Will Unlock At Level  11.
  • Epic-  2nd Skill Unlock At Level  3 and 3rd Skill Will Unlock At Level  9.

Your players in playing in the match have some stamina and don’t perform well when it’s exhausted. So if a player a ball near him and has exhausted his/her mana, use a card.

Soccer Royale 2019: Upgrade Cards

You can increase your characters level by visiting the team tab at the bottom of the screen, then select the character that you want to upgrade and tap on the upgrade button. You will get have to collect these cards to upgrade them.

You can get cards by unlocking chests. Chests can be obtained by winning a match. You will also get free chests to open after a certain interval of time at the home screen of the game. A scoring a certain number of goals will also grant us goals safe chests.

Soccer Royale 2019 Beginners Character/Card And Their Ability

In Soccer Royale every card has some ability but its quite hard to understand and remember, as it doesn’t display during the match what it does. So here is the simpler version of basic cards.

Chip- Shoots the ball over the head and take 9 energy and stay for only 1 shot in the match. So choose wisely when to use.

Finn- When you use this card on any player on the battlefield, it blocks one of your opponent cards for few turns.

Nancy- When you use this card on any player, it reduces opponent players power by 5%.

Engy- This character is best for long range shooting, you can see the ball trajectory and shoot according to it.

Diego- His shot confuse the enemy making it difficult for them to defend.

Gordon- Always use this card on the middle player as this character is immovable and best for saving the goal.

Colm- Good for shooting at goal, stats get increased by 5% when he hits or gets hit by an opponent.

Ovation- Skill card, increase the power of the whole team.

Yellow Card- Damage opponent players and reduce their stamina.

Hammer- Stuns opponent when deployed in the field.

Muddy Zone- Skill card used to slow down opponent movement speed.

Vuvuzela- Skill card used to decrease stamina of all the enemy players in the field.

Soccer Royale 2019 Tips
  • Save gold to upgrade the cards high tier cards.
  • Don’t forget to open chests to collect cards.
  • Collect free safe and goals safe.
  • Watch Ads to upgrade your chests to get better cards
  • Watch the video in the shop to collect free cards and use golds on cards that you need in a match

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