Skylanders Ring Of Heroes Guide:Tips And Strategy To Save Skyland


Skylanders Ring of heroes which is a turn-based RPG game featuring a lot of heroes who unite together to defeat Kaos, the mage who wants to disrupt the time and space to rule over the Skyland using his Book of Dark Magic.

Com2uS recently released this addictive game containing rich graphics in collaboration with Activision. In this game, you are the portal master who is able to summon various Skylanders to defeat Kaos and maintaining order in time and space.

This guide will help you learn about basic Skylanders gameplay and will assist you in providing useful tips so that you make the strongest team and enjoy your game.

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  1. How To Use Summon Feature

The summoning feature is of Skylanders is quite different from other games, while in other game you can summon and unit directly. In Skylanders instead of obtaining the full hero, you will get some fragments named Soul Stones.

To unlock a full character directly you need to own a certain amount of soul stone as per the character requirement. Every time you open a summoning chest, you will get 8 times as many Soul Stones as the standard amount which will be enough to unlock that character.

Obtaining strong character at the starting of the game is easy but do not spend all your gems into unlocking one, because upgrading them will be a hassle to you later. Rather than unlocking a strong hero you can spend your gems into upgrading low tier heroes to a higher rank.

  1. Learn How The Combat Screen Works

During a battle, you can see how much mana left at the bottom of the screen. The maximum mana you can have is up to 10, so you need to plan your attack carefully. Above the mana bar you can see the abilities of your hero, simply tap on the ability to attack. You can stack up to 3 ability at once by tapping on each one of them. To remove an attack from the queue, tap on the ability which is already in the queue. On the left side of the screen, you see which hero is going to attack and on the right side, you have a summon button which calls a villain to fight with you.

All the heroes in Skylanders have two bars above their head: green bar represents HP while the yellow one represents endurance. A unit collapse when its HP reaches 0 and is unable to attack if its endurance reaches 0. Beside these bars, you can see your hero level and its element type. Element plays a great role in this game as your hero can be stronger or weaker depending on the type of hero element he is against.

You can also see how much time passed or how many rooms the dungeon is made of at the top of the screen. On the right corner side, you can find 4 buttons where the first one is for targetting your opponent and beside it by pressing A, you let the AI decide whom to attack. You can control the speed at which the fight happens by pressing the double forward arrow and can pause the fight to take a break.

  1. Master The Combat System

The combat system is very unique compared to other game where the player has to make a fast and smart decision over random ability spammers. In PVP one who clicks on an ability first will move fast, but you need to care as the quality of spells matter as much as the speed at which you click them. A player can queue up to 3 attacks as long as he has ample amount of mana for it.

Every ability has its own specific effect so you need to time them perfectly for maximum damage output. So before starting to play against another human, hone your skills against dungeon monsters

  1. Elements And Team Composition

There is a total of 10 elements in this game: Light, Dark, Magic, Undead, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Earth, and Tech. Each and every element are strong or weak against each other, for example, Water element is strong against Fire. The only exceptions are Light and Dark, they are counter of each other and neutral against all other elements. You can check your hero element and its strengths and weaknesses against another element, next to your Skylanders attribute on the main Stats screen. As said earlier elements play a great role in the game and allow you to overthrow any monster much stronger than you.

Make sure to check the overall team power before starting any dungeon, if your overall team strength is less than your enemy, chances of losing is high until and unless you carefully plan your attacks. You can also take strong elements that can turn the tide of battle easily even if the team power is low.

A lot of heroes have more than 2 skills which will benefit you in the battle, so make sure to plan what skills you require to conquer the dungeon. Your heroes also have some passive ability which activates when certain conditions are met.

There are four roles and every hero belong to one them: Support, Attack, Defense or Expert, you can check which role your hero belong to right next to the icon on the right column of the stats screen.

  1. How To Get More Gold, Blue Potions And Energy

You can get more gold, blue potions, and energy from the buildings in your hometown every 30 minutes. They require gold to build but are worth the price as they produce for you even when you are inactive.

The building can also be upgraded but require a huge amount of money. They can be purchased from the shop. You might need certain higher Portal Master Level to gain access to the certain building so keep checking your structure menu after you level up.

  1. Upgrade Your Units Whenever You Can

There are multiple ways to upgrade your summons. They can be upgraded by earning experience points through battling monster or drinking red potions. The best way to gain experience is by using 10x Auto System, where the summons will battle the dungeon monster 10 times at increased speed and give you all the collectible reward of that dungeon.

You can also evolve your hero with a certain amount of Soul Stone and Upgraded Elixer. Summons can be awakened by using Elemental Ore and Upgrade Stones. You can check how to obtain these by tapping on them in the “Characters” menu.

  1. The Most Important Resource Energy

To battle monster in the dungeon, you need energy, while there is no shortage of it as building keeps on producing every 30 min. The amount of energy to enter a stage depend on the stage difficulty level. That means from the early games you can enjoy the game as much as you want, while later you cant spend much time and plan your stage carefully to maximize the rewards with minimum energy.

  1. Always Keep An Eye On Mission Tab

You can get plenty of resources from your daily and weekly missions or by completing any quest. There are lots of quests which you can find in your Mission Tab such as Complete Daily Mission 5 Times, Enter Adventure 5 times or Enter the Arena 3 times etc. You can get gem, money, potions, and experience from completing these quests

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