Sky Children Of The Light Valley Of Triumph Stars & Spirits Location

Sky Children Of The Light

Sky Children Of The Light is a role-playing game developed by thatgamecompany inc. The game will be available on both platform Android and iOS. Currently, the Android version is on pre-registration and you can play the iOS version. You can pre-register the game HERE and iOS user can download the game from HERE.

In this guide, we will show you the location of all the spirits and stars in the game of Sky Children Of Light Valley Of Triumph.

Isles Of Dawn Spirits & Stars Locations

Daylight Prairie Stars & Spirits Locations.

Hidden Forest Stars & Spirits Locations

Sky Children Of The Light Stars Location

Sky Children Of The Light

1st Star – as soon as you reach the area, keep sliding forward in the snow and you will find the 1st star at the left side under an icy cliff.

Sky Children Of The Light

2nd Star- jump down from that cliff and keep sliding in the snow towards a little left side and you will find a cave. Go inside the cave and keep moving forward to reach the next area. Fly to the middle of that area to find the 2nd Star.

Sky Children Of The Light

3rd Star – jump down after collecting the 1st spirit and look below, you will see the lake with 2 openings. Go inside the opening underwater and you will find the 3rd Star.

Sky Children Of The Light

4th Star – after collecting the 2nd spirit, keep sliding down the slope and on the way you will find the 4th star.

Sky Children Of The Light

5th Star – once you collect the 4th star, keep going forward and you will reach the next area. Go to the center of the colosseum to find the 5th star.

Sky Children Of The Light

6th Star – you will find the 6th star top row seats of the colosseum, fly upwards to the left side of colosseum after collecting the 5th star.

Sky Children Of The Light

7th Star – after collecting the 4th spirit, fly little further and quickly turn to your right to find these holes in the wall. You will find the 7th star in one of the holes.

8th Star – once you collect the 7th Star, fly upwards to the top and you will find the 8th Star.

Sky Children Of The Light

9th Star- after finding the 6th spirit, look around and you will find the 9th Star. Check the image for reference.

Sky Children Of The Light

10th Star- once you collect the 9th star, keep flying forward by following the golden birds. You will find the 10th star on top of the pointy tomb-like structure.

Sky Children Of The Light Spirits Location

1st Spirit – from the middle part where you got the 2nd Star, there will be a relic. If you interact with it, you can go back home. Looking at the relic direction fly upwards straight and climb the cliffs to find the 1st spirit.

2nd Spirit – the place where you found the 2nd star in the middle of the area with a shrine (from where you can go home), you will find an entrance. Not the one that connected with the bridge, the other one to where you have to fly. Enter that entrance and keep going forward, you will reach a place that looks like the inside of a castle. You need to open the door and keep sliding towards the bottom of the slope. At one point in the right side, you can see four pillars with a roof-like structure and under that roof, you will find the 2nd spirit.

3rd Spirit – after collecting the 6th star, fly towards the right seat side of the colosseum to find the 3rd spirit.

4th Spirit – once you collect the 3rd spirit, go back to the area where there were holes in the lake and you could go underwater. This time you need to enter the door that connected with the bridge. Once you reach the next area climb up the stairs. Enter the city and there you will find lots of stairs to go to the top, you can also fly upwards and look for the 4th spirit.

5th Spirit – after collecting the 7th star, fly towards the big globe and then ascend down towards the sphere-like ring structure to find the 5th spirit.

6th Spirit – Now fly towards the castle wall, go inside and open the door. Keep flying forward till you find two entries in the clouds. Enter the bottom entrance and keep going forward to find the 6th spirit.

7th Spirit – after collecting the 10th star, go little further to another tomb-like structure to find the 7th spirit.

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