Sky Children Of The Light Guide, Craft Candles, Collect Spirits & Stars

Sky Children Of The Light

Sky Children Of The Light is a role-playing game developed by thatgamecompany inc. The game will be available on both platform Android and iOS. Currently, the Android version is on pre-registration and you can play the iOS version. You can pre-register the game HERE and iOS user can download the game from HERE.

The game is similar to the PC game “Journey” and can be called as its successor. In this game, you have to complete puzzles, free spirits, collect wings and enjoy the open vast world with remarkable music. In this post of Sky Children Of The Light, I will explain to you the basics of the game, how to get candles, where to find spirits and wings.

Sky Children Of The Light Guide

In this game, the more important thing than completing the objectives is to enjoy the journey through all the areas with some soothing background music. You will the past stories of all the spirits you have collected with some mind-blowing visuals. At the starting of the game, you will go through a quick tutorial on how to control your character. Apart from enjoying the vast open world, you need to find spirits to unlock emotes, spells and various outfits to customize your character. You also need to find wings to upgrade your wings bar and unlock different areas. Below you can find links to the locations of all the wings and spirits in all the areas.

Craft Candles

You can find a lot of candles across all the areas in this game. You need to fire them up and collect their light. As you keep collecting the light the candle bar at the top left side of the game screen will gradually fill up. Once the bar is full, tap on it to collect your candle. A candle is used to upgrade expressions, collect blessings and heart from spirits.

How to unlock emotes, spells & outfits?

You need to find spirits in by exploring all the portals, then come back to your home space and use the constellation. There you will find your in-game friends and the spirits that you have collected. You can choose any spirit, gift them hearts and candles to unlock spells, emotes, outfits and heats. You need 3 candles to get 1 heart from the spirits.

Objectives of the game

The objective of the game is to collect stars and free spirits while enjoying the visuals and music of the game. You can add friends, complete puzzles together and explore the vast area. You can unlock various expression and cute emotes in the game by guiding spirits and bringing them hearts and candles. There is a total of 9 areas you need to explore and unlock which are:

  1. Isles Of Dawn
  2. Daylight Prairie
  3. Hidden Forest
  4. Valley Of Triumph
  5. Golden Wasteland
  6. Vault Of Knowledge
  7. Eye Of Eden
  8. The Ascent
  9. The Light

All these areas have their own sub-areas which you need to explore and collect all the collectibles to unlock your skill sand emotes. I have posted a brief guide on all the locations of stars and spirits you can find in these areas. Check out the link below.

Isles Of Dawn Spirits & Stars Locations

Daylight Prairie Stars & Spirits Locations.

Hidden Forest Stars & Spirits Locations

Valley Of Triumph Stars & Spirits Locations.

How to add friends?

Playing this game with a group of friends together will a journey through the fantasy world memorable. If you are playing alone, don’t worry you will meet plenty of other children of light. To add friends in this game, you need to tap on the candle icon once a player is nearby and once they accept it they will be added to your friend list. Similarly, if any other player sends you a candle, you can accept it to add them as a friend. Try to make as many friends as possible in this game, as some puzzle requires more than two people to complete.

To check your friend list, you need to go back to your home space and check the constellation table. There you will find the spirits that you have unlocked and friends you have added. You can send or receive blessings from your friends.  Once you have sent enough blessing and received from a player, you can unlock other features such as holding hands, hugging and much more.

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