Shop Titans Design & Trade Guide,Tips,Crafting,Unlock Gears&Much More

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

Shop Titans: Design & Trade is a simulation game developed by Kabam Games, Inc. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. In this game, you have to run a shop dedicated to the Titans. Titans who are fierce and known all over the world for their strength and also they need better equipment. You need to craft various kind of equipment, sell that equipment and upgrade your shop.

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In this post of Shop Titans: Design & Trade, we will show you some basics, tips, character guide, how to unlock various weapons, gears, items for crafting and much more.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade Guide

The objective of the game is to start your own Titan shop and grow your business. At the beginning of the game, you only have the option to sell or refuse to sell an item, but as you progress in the game, you gain the feature of haggling with the customer. Once you unlock that feature, at the top of the game screen you can see an energy bar. You can small talk with a customer, give him a discount, surcharge the price of an item and using all these features will cost you some energy or you gain some energy.

The furniture in your shop can be upgraded to increase its capacity for holding equipment. To upgrade any furniture, select the furniture and tap on the upgrade icon. Upgrading these furnitures will cost you gold coins or diamonds. The capacity of the energy bar on the top of the game screen is decided by the number of furniture you have in your store and their level. Upgrading your furniture or buying new ones will increase the capacity of the energy bar.

There are some minute details in this game that makes it’s interesting. If there will be no customer in your shop, you can see your character move around patting their thigh and quickly comes back to counter as soon as they notice any customer. You can see other customer bumping into each other and apologizing. There are other lots of features that we have discussed below, and if you have any query regarding this game, drop a comment below and we will be happy to help.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade Weapons, Armor, Accessories Guide

In this game, you have to craft all different kinds of equipment and display them in your shop. To display these types of equipment you need to buy furniture from the store. To buy furniture, you can tap on the edit icon at the bottom of the game screen. There are four different types of furniture to store your equipment which are Vertical Rack, Table, Shelves, and Mannequin. The weapons that you have crafted will be stored in the chest. You can upgrade the chest to increase the capacity of equipment it can hold.

To craft these types of equipment, you need a different kind of resources and those you can get from an iron bin, wood bin, leather bin and herb dryer. When you expand your shop, don’t forget to buy these resources boxes to increase the capacity of resources and helps you in crafting. We recommend you to first make one pair of each type of items and once any customer buys an item, you should quickly craft the same types to help you track all the items easily in your shop.

You can check the stats of any particular equipment by going to the crafting menu and long hold any item. There you can find the resources and time required to craft the item, milestone you can reach and ascension. Ascension will upgrade the item, reducing the resources required and the chance to multicraft a particular gear. To Ascend equipment, you need ascension shards. You can get these shards from the loot box.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade Characters

In this game, there are three different types of character which are Heroes– that you need to unlock using gold or gems, Champions– can be unlocked by collecting their coins ( You can collect these coins by selling them equipment), Workers- can be unlocked using gold from the city.

To complete quests, you need to unlock heroes and champions. For each quest, you can assign up to 3 heroes and champions. You earn various items upon completing them to craft special equipment and sell them for higher prices. Workers that you buy from the city will unlock various weapons and gears for you to craft. You can craft these items to sell them at a higher price and earn more money,

You can equip your heroes with different equipment to make them stronger and compete for quest easily.  There is a total of 6 free slots. Sometimes during the quest, these equipment gets broken, so either you can repair them or craft a new one. Every hero has four unique skills that will unlock when you hero levels up.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade City And Guild

Your shop is situated in a city where there are various other traders and NPC who help you in setting up your shop and crafting items. Some NPC’s are already unlocked from the start and the rest you have to hire them using gold.

You can visit your city by tapping the icon situated at the bottom right corner of the screen. There you can also send your characters to complete quests and gather resources to craft items.

You can join a guild by visiting your city and tapping on the icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you join a guild, you can help your team members upgrade their shop or receive help from them. You can also invest in a shop that is present in your city and increase their level.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade Market And Loot Guide

The market will unlock once you reach level 10 and have completed a lot of to do quests. You can sell all kind of equipment and resources in the market and buy them as well. We recommend you to be patient and not to spend a lot of gold and gems in the market. You can also see players requesting a lot of items which you can try to craft or find and sell them to get gold and gems easily.

Loots are the chest box that you obtain from your heroes during quests. You can unlock these chests using a key. Ascension shards, blueprints, resources and a lot of other rewards can be obtained from these chests. So make always send your heroes on quests as soon as they are healed and have rested.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade Tips

Keep A Pair

Always keep a pair of extra items, as when the customer visits your shop and you sell them an item, you can again craft the same item. This way you can keep a track of items that you are selling and how much more you need to craft to unlock new equipment. With this method, you will never run out of inventory.

Sell Unique Items

You can sell your crafted item in the market for some extra coins. When you reach a high level and unlock some unique weapons or equipment, you can craft them and place them in the market to earn extra coins or you can check if some people are requesting the items that you have in your inventory and sell them when you need coins the most.

Join A Guild

Joining a guild will benefit you a lot, as your guild members can help you upgrade your furniture in the shop. To help a guild member upgrade their furniture you can go to the city and tap on a tent that is situated in the middle of the city. You and your guild members can also invest in your city to enjoy the extra benefits from the shop owners such as extra crafting speed and much more.

Level Up Characters

Level up your character to equip them better weapons so that they can complete the quests easily. You can level up them by sending them on the quest. To send your characters on a quest, tap on the city icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, tap on the map icon and select the map of the quest. Different map with different levels provides different resources for you to craft better equipment.

Unlock Champions

You can unlock champions by accepting their request when they visit your shop. Some champions will demand equipment in exchange for tokens. Champions are strong characters that help you in your quest. Once you collect enough tokens a champion, you can go to the character icon at the bottom of the screen and unlock them.

Sell Best Equipment In Surcharge

Your best equipment cost a lot of gold and too much time to craft, so you need to sell them for a surcharge price to gain maximum profit out of them. When you surcharge a customer the price of the equipment gets doubled. So if you surcharge your best equipment, you will gain a 200% profit and a huge amount of coins.

Craft All Items

No matter how old a piece of equipment is, you need to craft them a certain number of times to unlock new pieces of equipment. If you craft an item certain number of times, you will unlock the new item and can unlock them by using the blueprint. You can check if an item will

 Buy Extra Inventory And Resource Bin

When you progress in the game, there will come a time when you run out of inventory because you have to craft a lot of equipment. You should always prepare for such a moment and buy an extra inventory and resource bin from the shop. Resources bins increase the capacity of resources you use while crafting.

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