Shop Titans Design And Trade Advance Resources And Crafting Guide

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

Shop Titans Design And Trade is one of the best simulation crafting game developed by Kabam Games, Inc. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. We have already written a beginners guide of this game, you can check it out HERE.

In this post of Shop Titans Design And Trade, we will show you all the resources available in this game and how to efficiently utilize them in crafting to make maximum profit out of your shop.

Shop Titans Design And Trade Resource Guide

As you start the game, you will only have one resource iron and later on wood, leather and many more resources are added. Once you progress much further into the game, you will unlock a variety of resources including the secondary resources. Secondary resources are mixed with your primary resources to craft high tier items to sell. These items take a longer time to craft and will generate more gold. The list of primary resources and equipment you will be able to craft with them are:

Note: You can increase these resource capacity by buying the resources bin from the store.

Primary Resources

Iron – Used in crafting weapon (Sword, Dagger), armor (Heavy Armor, Gauntlet, Helmet, Heavy Footwear), and accessories (Ring, Amulet).

Wood –  Used in crafting armor (Light Armor, Cloth, Rogue Hat, Magician Hat, Gloves, Light Footwear), and accessories (Scroll, Amulet).

Leather –  Used in crafting a weapon (Axe, Mace, Bow, Staff, Crossbow, Gun), and accessories (Shield).

Herbs –Used in crafting accessories (Herbal Medicine. Potion).

Secondary Resources
  • Steel
  • Fabric
  • Ironwood
  • Oil

These secondary resources will be available late in the game and used to craft high tier items. These secondary resources mix with primary resources such as steel with iron, fabric with leather, ironwood with wood and oil with herbs. Secondary resources regenerate slower than the primary resources but this doesn’t mean you should invest more in secondary resources. Try to keep the investment level of both primary and secondary resources building the same or near about same.

Shop Titans Design And Trade Crafting Guide

At the beginning of the game, you could be able to craft up to only 1 item. The second crafting slot that you get is for free. You can increase your crafting slot by paying gold coins or diamonds. You can upgrade your crafting slot by tapping on the craft button when all the slots are full. The game will prompt you to spend gold or diamonds for the extra slot, if you have enough gold then buy up space. We recommend you to get at least 4 crafting slot so that you can craft all four of these resources one at a time.

If you craft items that require similar resources, then a single resource will be depleted and at some point, you have to stop your crafting for sometimes. A good craftsman never stops crafting in his shop. You can craft up to four different items at a time like a sword, cloth, gun, and potion. Invest equally in all resource shop in the city.

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