Shop Titans Design And Trade Advance Guide On City And Invenstment

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

In Shop Titans Design And Trade most of the new players get confused about the city feature and in which shop to invest and what happens if we invest in a shop. We have given a list of all available buildings you can unlock in this game to craft better and high tier equipment, how to level up the shops in the city and much more. We hope this guide helps you understand your city in a much better way and unlock crafting equipment according to your requirement.

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Advance Guide On Resources And Crafting

In this post of Shop Titans Design And Trade, we will show you a brief guide about the city in this game, how to invest in shops, what happens when you invest and much more.

Shop Titans Design And Trade City & Investment Guide

Most of the buildings in your city will be locked from the beginning and you need to hire the workers from the city using gold coins to be able to craft better equipment and get more resources. Some shops require other shops to reach a certain level and only then you can unlock them using gold. You can unlock these buildings by tapping on the city icon at the left bottom side of the game screen. There you will various buildings, select a building and invest in them. Each shop has its own investment capacity bar and once you fill that bar, the shop will level up. Investing in a shop that provides resource will increase the production and you will have sufficient resources in your shop to craft items. Investing in a shop that unlocks blueprints will decrease the crafting time required for those particular items. Example Julia provide blueprints of equipment that require leather, so if you invest and level up Julia shop, the crafting time for leather equipment will decrease.

Note: The investment that you have made in your city while being in a guild will be transferred to the new guild when you leave the old one. Your investment will remain the same and the only change that takes place will be the level of the building of your old guild and new guild.

There are various buildings in this game and below we will provide a list describing what each build provides.

Building – Shopkeeper – Resources

Iron Mine – Durhan – Provide Iron And Increase Its Production.

Tannery – Tamas – Provide Leather And Increase Its Production.

Lumberyard – Gorza – Provide Wood And Increase Its Production.

Garden – Juniper – Provide Herbs And Increase Its Production.

Smelter – Brohm – Provide Steel And Increase Its Production (Require Iron Mine Level 7).

Weaver Mil – Ismael – Provide Fabric And Increase Its Production (Require Tannery Level 7).

Ironwood Sawmill – Jog – Provide Ironwood And Increase Its Production. (Require Lumberyard Level 7).

Oil Press – Beatrice – Provide Oil And Increase Its Production (Require Garden Level 7).

Town Hall – Elder Owen – Increase The Number Of Players That Can Join Guild.

Tavern – Naya  – Increase Loot Gain During Quest

Training Hall – Argon – Increase The Max Level Capacity Of Heroes

Emerald Inn – Oscar – Provide Cooldown Reduction For Healing Of Your Heroes After Quest.

Wizard Tower – Grimar – Unlock Scrolls (Require Apothecary Level 5).

Temple – Freyja – Unlock Amulets (Require Wood Workshop Level 4).

Wood Workshop – Allan – Unlock Blueprints That Use Wood

Apothecary – Maribel – Unlock Items That Are Crafted Using Herbs

Master Lodge – Theodore – Require To Craft High Tier Item As Secondary Worker (Require Smithy Lvl 7).

Jewel Workshop – Katarina – Unlocks Ring (Require Tailor Workshop Level 5).

Tailor Workshop – Julia – Unlock Blueprints That Uses Leather

Smithy – Wallace  – Unlock Blueprints That Uses Iron.

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