Shop Titans: Design And Trade Get More Customers & Negotiation Tips

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

Shop Titan: Design & Trade

Shop Titans: Design and Trade is one of the most exciting simulation game developed by Kabam Games, Inc. The game can be quite confusing as not much adequate information is provided by the NPC at the beginning of the game. We have written a few articles related to this game, the link can be found below. You can get a lot familiar with this game by going through them once. In this post, we will tell you how to get more customers and some small talk Tips.

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Shop Titans: Design and Trade How To Get More Customers

Well,  the only way to get a huge number of customers in your shop, you need to place a lot of furniture. According to the number of furniture and items you have displayed on them depends on the number of customers that visit your shop.

You cannot place empty pieces of furniture or just 1 equipment on them and expect more number of customers, it doesn’t work that way. You need to fill your furniture with equipment completely in order to attract customer.

The best way to attract customer is by expanding your shop and adding more furniture and equipment. Keep crafting the same equipment piece multiple times to unlock new equipment. Display a variety of equipment in your shop to attract different types of customer.

Shop Titans: Design and Trade Negotiation Tips

Let’s discuss first how can we small talk with the customer? You need to unlock your energy bar to small talk with the customers. As doing small talk with them will cost you some energy or you might gain some. Let see what are the features available in small talk.

Suggest- Suggest your customer some other items. You can use this feature when you have lots of the same type of equipment belonging to a single class and your energy bar is also full.

Discount- Reduce the price of the equipment by half and gain some energy depend on the price of the equipment.

Small Talk- There is a 50% chance to gain or lose some energy.

Surcharge- Doubles the price of that equipment. You this feature while selling your highest tier equipment.

Always surcharge the highest tier equipment and give a discount on your low tier items. Some NPC from your city shops will come to visit you by offering you some rare pieces of equipment. Always buy that equipment, as they sell on a discount price to you. You can easily surcharge the price of that equipment and earn a 300% profit

Note: Small talk works best when your energy bar below 40-50%. You get more energy from small talk when the bar is low. Always small talk with the customer first before the discount because after discount your energy bar will be more than 50% and you will get less energy from small talk. Small talk backfires energy deduct rate is throughout the same.

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