Rumble Stars Guide, Rumbler Tier List, Leave Club, Tips And Many More

Rumble Stars

Rumble Stars

Rumble Stars is one of the most addictive stratergy sports game developed by Frogmind. The game is somewhat similar to Clash Royale with a more complex skills in using rumblers at the correct time. The game is currently available in both Android and App Store. You can download the Android APK version HERE and iOS version HERE.

In this post, we will show you some Rumbler Stars beginners guide, best rumbler, how to leave a club and many more tips.

Rumble Stars: Guide

Rumble stars is a card game where you have to strategize your next move and use it at perfect timing. In this game after winning each battle, you will earn a chest. Unlocking those chest grants you rewards such as rumblers and gold coins. Different chests have different rarity reward. In some, you will find common rumblers, while others have pro and superstar rumblers card. We will show you the chest tier list below.

You can also join any club or create one with your friends. Duel with your friends to check out whose deck is stronger. You can join a club by swing right from your game home screen or by tapping the bottom shield icon on the game screen. Select your desired club, tap on them and join. After you join a club you can request for rumblers card or have a friendly soccer match with your club members.

You can watch the pro players or matches you have played against other players by visiting the RumbleTV in-game. Tap on the video icon at the top left corner of the game screen and select the match you want to watch. Some rumblers grant you bonus trophies even if you lost the battle, you can see those rumblers by visiting your team screen and looking for a green color trophy symbol on their potrait.

Rumble Stars: Battle Guide Guide And Save Goal Without GoalKeeper

In Rumble Stars, you will have to select 8 characters and use them in PVP battle.  During the battle, you will have an option to select up to 4 rumblers and sling them across the field. While slinging a rumbler you may also hit your own teammate and diverse from your desired trajectory. You can see the path the rumbler will follow by an arrow on your screen when you tap on them and send them across the field. Your rumblers with deal damage if they are directly slung towards the enemy rumblers and hit them.

Every rumbler has its own unique ability, which you can read by tapping on the rumbler icon by visiting the team screen. So make sure to hit a combo shot using your rumblers skills. To defend a goal without a goalkeeper, you need to select the middle two rumblers and deploy them at the correct time as soon as the ball is going in the post. It takes some seconds to deploy rumbler so keep a track of time and practice it a lot with goalkeeper too.

Rumble Stars: How To Unlock Rumblers And Upgrade

Rumblers will be unlocked by opening chests. You can store up to 4 chests and open one at a time. If the rarity of the chest is higher, it will take more time. If it’s a common chest, it will take 3 hours to unlock. Don’t waste your gem in unlocking those chest. Later it will be required to obtain gold to level up your rumblers. You don’t need to rush through the maps and division. Take your time, learn from each game and patiently open your chest.

If you swipe left from your main game home screen or tap the bottom multiple shield icon you can see the rumblers you have and yet to unlock. Top 8 rumblers are being used in-game during PVP matches, while in the bottom are the remaining rumblers that can be used if you wish to. You can upgrade them by simply selecting them and tap on the upgrade button. Make sure to save up your gold coins as you need a lot to upgrade rumblers to a higher level. So we recommend you to upgrade only those which you will use for a long time.

To change a rumbler from your line up, tap on the rumbler that you are not using and select use. Then tap on the rumbler that you want to remove from your line up. You can select the average energy cost of your line up. It adds the total energy and divides it by 8. The best average energy according to us will be 3.5 to 4.5.

Rumble Stars: Different Leauge, Maps And Rumblers You Can Unlock
Training Plains

In this plains, you will learn the basic gameplay and unlock some rumblers. Trophy required 0 for this plane. Rumbler you can unlock are:

  • Lazy Panda,
  • Mr. Fire
  • Striker Tiger
  • Magnetman
  • Raging Bull
  • Sniper Wolf
  • Loyal Dog
  • Cannonman


Greenfield is the default starting map where you start the game with 100 trophies in Division III. There is a total of 3 division in each map.

Division I- You can reach division I by collecting 500+ trophies. Trophies can be collected by doing PVP battles with other players. Rumblers you can unlock in this division are Melon and Friendly Seal.

Division II- You can reach division II by collecting 300+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock in this division are Lover.

Division III-This is the default starting division of the game with 100 trophies. Rumblers you can unlock in this division are Froggy And Croco.

El Dorado

Division I- You can reach division I by collecting 1300+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock in this division are Royal Dung and Tiny Tanuki.

Division II- You can reach division II by collecting 100+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock in this division are Fan, Turtle Spinner, and Mammoth.

Division III- You can reach division III by collecting 700+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock in this division are Hipdozer, Fake Ball, Stomparoo, and General Molotov.

Zen Place

Division I- You can reach this division by collection 2400+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock are Mr. Mine.

Division II- You can reach this division by collection 2000+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock are Bomba and Mr. Bigshot

Division III- You can reach this division by collection 1600+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock are Bomber Hen and Fast Monkey.

Frozen Valley

Division I- You can reach this division by collection 3600+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock are Leeches.

Division II- You can reach this division by collection 3200+ trophies Rumblers you can unlock are Bouncer Bear.

Division III-You can reach this division by collection 2800+ trophies. Rumblers you can unlock are Ice Boy and Sly Fox.

Rumble Stars: How To Leave Club

Leaving the club button is pretty complicated to find, dont you tthink? Even we struggled at first on how to leave the club. That is why we thought to share it with you guys because yes finding the perfect club can be pretty hard sometimes. To leave a club, tap on the shield at the top of the game screen. The shield will be of your club icon and will display the club members list and there you will have an option to leave the clan.

Rumble Stars: Tier List

There is a total of 31 rumblers available in-game and more to come. Here is a list of all the rumblers and their stats. You can arrange them in any order and check their tiers on that particular stat.

NameAbilityRarityStaminaField Time in secondsEnergy Required To DeploySpeedSling DamageShot Power
StomparooJumps To The Ball, Stoms And ShootsLegend658018.06Slow17201746
Sly FoxBecomes Invisible While Holding The BallLegend820013.54Medium9101042
FroggyCatches The Ball With Tounge From DistanceSuperstar647718.54Slow1163785
CrocoBites opponent RumblersSuperstar754011.06Medium1429Chomp Dmg- 1960
Sniper WolfShoots The Ball With Full Power. Charging Take 1.4sSuperstar731717.55Medium14121656
Friendly SealPasses The Ball Through Air And Great For DefenceSuperstar435216.04Medium1163Pass Power- 695
HipdozerNobody Can Stop This RumblerSuperstar1710628.08Slow27571086
MammothThrows Opponent Rumblers To Their Side. Doesn't Cross Half Line.Superstar1285520.06Slow3289
Fast MonkeyLikes To Dribble Ball But Never Passes.Superstar38207.56Fast844869
Striker TigerPro Striker That Shoot Goals. Passes To Rumbler Ahead Of Him.Pro718618.05Fast986727
Turtle SpinnerSpins Around Dealing Damage To Opponent Rumblers.Pro358710.03Fast972972
Bomber HenSpawn Homing Bomb ChicksPro7074125Stationary1843Chick Spawn Speed- 1.4s
Lazy PandaShoot Only If The Ball Is NearCore449318.53Slow728562
Raging BullOnly Tackles And Target Opponent EnemiesCore386611.04Medium885257
Tiny TanukiA Very Fast Who Passes Balls To AlliesCore147314.03Fast329191
Bouncer Bear Hit Enemies Rumbler If They are close enoughCore4675174Slow1244Hit Damage- 832
Loyal DogAlways Passes Ball To AlliesCore3238212Medium728Pass Power- 411
Balls And Rumblers Those Can Be Used For Combo Or As Abilities
NameAbilityRarityStaminaField Time in secondsEnergy Required To DeploySpeedEffects
LoverAttracts Nearby Opponent Rumbler making them non-functional.Pro44053.64StationaryEffect Radius- 300
LeechesLeech Opponent Rumblers Stamina And Slows ThemPro114694MedoumHit Dmage- 205
Mr Big ShotShoots Barrage Of Explosive Pellets Towards The Direction He Is Looking At.Pro3StationaryExplosion Damage- 588
Explosion Radius- 140
Pellets At Level 5
Royal DungRepel Every Rumblers Except Your GoalkeeperPro53306.42StationaryRadius- 200
Fake BallActs As A Real Ball For Opponent Rumbler.Core22.43Stationary
CannonmanShoots Cannon Ball On OpponentCore846815.04StationaryExplosion Damage- 1007
Radius- 160
General MoltovCreate A Radius Of fireCore3.03StationaryExplosion Damage-665
Radius- 200
Blaze Dmg- 439/s
Mr. FireExploding BallCore1.53Explosion Damage- 2610
Radius- 280
MelonIt's A Ball That Can Be Used To Defend Or Shoot.Core1002.51SlowSling Damage- 603
FanBlows And Pushes Away Rumblers And BallCore46758.03StationaryRadius- 400
Ice BoyCreates An Ice Field That Freeze OpponentCore1.2Freeze Duration- 1s
Radius- 200
Mr MineDigs Underground And Explode If Opponent Is NearCore602StationaryExplosion Damage- 1358
Radius- 280
BombaExplodes Into 4 Smaller BombsCore2.54Explosion Damage- 1930
Radius- 240
MagnetmanPulls Opponent Rumbler Near him. Use it to pull enemy rumbler away from goalpost.Core95147.3s3StationarySling Damage- 885
Effect Radius-360

Note:- These stats may vary a little from your as some of my rrumblers are of little high and low levels. Upgrading them increases their stats.

Rumble Stars: Tips

Practice With Trainer

Always try out different heroes and practice your line up with the trainer to improve faster. In this way, you will get to know which combo is working out and strenght and weakness of each rumbler. You can try out the practice mode by visiting your team screen and tapping on the Practice option at the top left corner of the game screen.

Collect Daily Chest Rewards

You can collect the daily chest rewards at the top of the game screen. To claim these rewards you need to tap on them, check them and complete them. You will get gold, diamonds and sometimes rumblers from these rewards.

Save Gold And Diamond

Don’t waste your gold and diamond at the starting of the game. As you go higher level, you will need a lot of gold to upgrade. So start saving from the beginning, upgrade only those rumblers that you need to use in a long run.

Donate And Request In Club

Try to find a club as fast as you can. You can try friendly battles with your friends or donate and request rumblers. In case you require only 1 card of the lazy panda to upgrade them, you can certainly as from your club memebers. Don’t be greedy always try to donate too, as the more you give the more you get.

Join Events To Collect Rewards

There  are various kind of events that takes place in the game. You can visit this screen by tapping on the football with wings option and you can see a timer if the event hasn’t started yet. If its started you will only get one chance to and have to win 3 PVP rounds to claim a high tier chest. The events are not like normals PVP, there are some twist and fun inclueded in all of these like we have to use Mr. Fire only to score a goal.

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    1. No, you don’t have to lower your trophy. In Greenfield division 3 out of 2 rare Froggy and Croco, we only got Croco. Later in Eldorado, we got the froggy card.

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