Rival Stars Horse Racing Guide, Breed Best Horses, Best Position & Tips

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a sports game developed by PIKPOK. The game is available on both Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and for iOS, you can download the game file from HERE. Rival Stars provide you the ultimate horse racing experience where you can buy horses, train them and participate in the race. The plot of the game is that your grandfather  was a champion in horse racing and so did your father. But once your grandfather retired, your father had an accident and the family legacy of horse racing champions went down.

Now you got an offer to continue that legacy. The game provides a variety of features like upgrading your training facility, upgrading your home, storehouse, stable and many more. In this post, we are going to show you Rival Stars guide, tips, tricks, how to unlock horses, breed them and upgrade them. Every horse has their own stats and preferred position where the horse performance will be at its peak. Use this position to your advantage to win every race. Let’s start with the basic guide.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Guide

As we have mentioned above the game starts with a story of your family and once you accept the offer to start your journey, the game begins. When you start a race at the beginning of the game, it will show you some basic tutorial. You can move your jockey left and right but that doesn’t require much. To win all the races make sure you have a perfect start and save up your energy to boost yourself when you reach near the finish line. In this game, you have to upgrade your home to collect payouts. To upgrade home, tap on the homestead at the bottom of the game screen, select income and tap on an upgrade on the game screen.

You can also find storehouse in your home, it is used to store materials that are required for upgrading your house, training facility and stable. Upgrading your home will increase the revenue generated and upgrading your storehouse will increase its capacity to store materials. You can see the stables option at the bottom of the screen, tapping on it will take you to your stable where your horses are kept. You can check your horse’s stats by simply tapping on them. You can also check their ancestors by tapping on pedigree in the game screen on the stats page.

You can add breeding stall and horse stall by visiting stable and tapping the button at the bottom right corner of the screen. We will post in details about breeding and how to obtain the best horse below. At your main game home screen, you will find the training icon. Tap on it and visit the training facility and there you can train your horses. You can train your horse for 3 attributes that are:

  • Speed
  • Sprint Energy
  • Acceleration
Upgrade And Train Horses

Horses can be upgraded or leveled up when you participate in the race. Tap on race icon at the bottom of the screen and select the horse and jockey to participate in the race. Secure better ranks in a race to get more EXP and silver ( currency used in-game). To increase the stats of the horses, visit the training facility by tapping on training on the main game screen. There you will see three attributes for your horses. Select the desired attribute you want to upgrade and tap on them.

You can only increase the attribute till the level of your horse. To participate in horses to increase its level, so that you can maximize the attributes. You can also upgrade that attribute facility to increase the maximum capacity of upgrading. Resources Required to train horses and upgrade facility are:

Items Required To Upgrade Facility, Storehouse, And Stables

You can obtain these items by participating in races or by completing daily quests and goals. Tap on the Goals icon at the top left corner of your screen and you will see two option story and daily. Story quests can be completed by participating in races, upgrading facilities, stables, etc and daily goals refresh 24 hours and are quests like selling a horse, place 3rd or better in a race and many more. You can also collect free samples from the market and watching an Ad.

  • Hardware
  • Lumber
  • Masonry
  • Safety Equipment
  • Steel
  • Tools
Resources Required To Train Your Horses
  • Basic Acceleration Speed
  • Basic Grain
  • Basic Speed Feed
  • Basic Sprint Feed
  • Basic Tack
  • Standard Grain

These resources are required to train your horses to increase their stats in the facility. You can obtain these resource by participating in the race, completing quests and from the market. Tap on the market at the top right corner of the screen and there you can see every few hours one of these basic resources will be on sale for 100 silver.

Breed Best Horses

To breed your horses, tap on the stable at the bottom of the game screen and select breed horse. Before you start breeding, you need to have a breeding stall. Once you have built a breeding stall. You will get a button with breed horse option, tap on it. A Mare horse can only be bred with a Stud and vice versa. So you need to select your own horse and choose with which horse you want to breed. Always look out for the star level of the opposite horse. The higher the star level, the better the horse will be.

You need to have a high tier breeding stable to get high star level horses. If both the stars of the horses will be same, there will be some possibility that breeding horse will be of the higher star. So make sure you always keep your breeding stall upgraded.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Race Guide

According to us the best position for the horse will be Front. When the race starts, there will be a bar on how well you take off with your horse. Some bar moves faster while some are slower. So tap on the right time to have a perfect start. If you have a perfect start then you can easily reach 1st position without using energy.

If your horse preferred position is front, just tap energy once to gain the momentum. After that, if you have upgraded your horses perfectly, you will remain in the first position and use your energy just before reaching the finish line. Make sure to save as much energy as you can for the last sprint. If your horse is fully upgraded and has a very high stats for some matches the attributes will be capped and if you are seeing the capped option before racing then the race won’t be much difficult for you.

After working so hard on your horses who don’t like to take a picture of it and flaunt it in front of your friends. Yes, you can also take a picture of your horses with or without the jockey and in different pose by simply tapping on the camera icon at the left side of the game screen

Live Events

At the bottom right corner of the screen, you can find this mode. Here you can participate in events to collect roses. You can use these roses to spin the wheel and claim rewards such as items, resources, silver or gold coins. At the top of the game screen, you will find various icon as a pink rose, event tickets, energy, gold coins, and silver.

With event ticket you can participate in the events, energy is consumed upon participating in races, gold coins are obtained from completing quests and are very rare so do not waste them. Silvers are used for upgrading and training horses.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Tips

Collect Daily Quest Rewards

Always complete the daily quest to earn silver, which will be very useful in the late game to train horses and upgrading facility. You can collect your daily quest rewards by tapping on goals at the top of the game screen, then go to daily. There are various daily quests such as sell your horse, secure a 3rd rank or better in the race and much more.

Check Preferred Position Of Every Horse

Preferred position matters a lot in this game as you get an energy boost while racing in that position. Some horses like to be in the middle while racing, or some like to be at the front. Using a horse whose preferred position is front is a huge benefit in the race. You can easily secure the 1st rank with perfect start and keep sprinting when any other racer is near you. If you are using sprint in your preferred position, your energy regeneration will be faster.

Collet Silver From Home And Sponsors

Always upgrade your storehouse and home when they are available. Storehouse will have more capacity to store items which will be very helpful in upgrading your stable and training facility. To collect silver from home, go to homestead at the bottom left corner of the game screen and tap on income. There you can upgrade as well as collect silver.

You can also generate more silver by getting a sponsor. All you need to do is watch an Ad after a match to get that silver from the sponsor. After the match ends, you will be asked that you got a new sponsor because of great performance in the race, tap on watch.

Collect Free Samples From Market

You can get free resources, items, and gold coins from the market. Go to the market button at the top right corner of the screen and scroll down to see the free sample, tap on collect and watch a video to get it. You can tap on the free gold button and install another app to get your gold coins.

Save Gold

Do not waste your gold coins on upgrades or training. You will require it later for breeding with better horses. While breeding you will have 5 other horses as an option out of which 3 will be using some resource and silver. Other two horses will be of better star level and require gold to breed. So save your gold coins to breed the best horse later in the game.

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