Rise Of Kingdoms: Increase Kingdom Power And Basic Guide

Rise Of Kingdom

Rise Of Kingdom

The Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game developed by Lilith Games.  In this game, a player can build his own kingdom and rule over it. You can create an army and powerful commander who helps you in conquering other kingdoms. You can battle with other kingdoms or make peace with them by forming an alliance.

In this guide, we will show you the basic guide of Rise Of Kingdoms and how to increase its powers.

Rise Of Kingdom Basic Guide

To build your kingdom in Rise Of Kingdoms, you need to first build a variety of buildings like a storehouse, builder’s hut, training center, production center and many more. You can build these buildings using the resource, which you can farm or loot. The resources available in-game are food, wood, stone, and gold. The upgrading cost of these buildings are quite low early game, but as you keep advancing and increasing your level the cost to upgrade buildings will be huge.

Make to have a high-tier army to protect your resources. You can loot other players resources by attacking them. Similarly, they can also loot your resources by attacking your kingdom. To protect your resources power-up your commanders and increase your defense.

How To Increase Kingdom Power

You can increase your kingdom power by increasing building power, technology power, troops power, and commanders power. All these power play a great deal in your total kingdom power. Let’s see how to increase these power

  • Building Power- You can increase it by making buildings and upgrading them.
  • Technology Power- You can increase it by researching the technologies in the academy.
  • Troops Power- You can increase it by training troops or recruiting them.
  • Commanders Power- You can increase it by leveling up, upgrading commander skills and talents.

So this is the basic guide about Rise Of Kingdom and how to increase kingdom power.

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