Rise Of Kingdoms: All Available Buildings, Guide And Their Uses

Rise Of Kingdom

Rise Of Kingdom

In Rise Of Kingdoms, a player can build his very own kingdom. You can make a military and strong leader who encourages you in overcoming different kingdoms. You can fight with different kingdoms or make harmony with them by framing a coalition.

In this guide, we will talk about all the buildings available to build in Rise Of Kingdoms and their uses.  There are two types of buildings in this game economy buildings and military buildings.  You can switch between them by tapping on the hammer icon and switching between economic, military and decoration.

City Hall

This is the most important building of your kingdom. You need to upgrade is as soon as an upgrade is available. By upgrading your city hall you will unlock different types of buildings, troops capacity and your kingdom power will increase.

There is a total of 4 Era of your kingdom which you can attain by upgrading your city which are:

  • Bronze  Era- Unlocks at Level 4 City hall.
  • Iron Era- Unlocks at Level 4 City hall.
  • Dark Era- Unlocks at Level 4 City hall.
  • Feudal Era- Unlocks at Level 4 City hall.
Store House

This building protects your resources from the enemy. But there is a protection capacity up to which it can protect. You can upgrade this building to increase the capacity. Resources available in this game are gold, food, wood, and stones.

Resources Building

Goldmine- You can get gold from gold this building. You might not need it early game, gold is used for scouting and kingdom development.

Farm- You can get food from this building. It is required to train troops, upgrade the building and many more.

Lumber Mill- You can get wood from this building. It is used to train troops, buildings, and facilities.

Quarry- You will get stone from this building.

Alliance Center

You can join a group of other kingdoms and help each other. This building is used for asking others to help and even helping them in times of need. You can reduce the time for upgrading/ building/ researching by asking for help.

When someone else asks for help, a helping hand will show in alliance chat. Tapping on it will let you help your other alliance members. Getting helped and increase troop reinforcement capacity increases by upgrading this building.

You can help your team members also by sending troops. To send troops, tap on the menu button at the bottom-right corner of the screen and then tap the alliance option. Go to the member’s tab, select a member and choose to reinforce. Tap on the + icon and send the troops.


You can buy various items from the shop like resources, blueprints, keys, builders, and many more using red gems.

Builders hut

You can build only a certain amount of buildings at a time. If you have more builders hut, you can increase the queuing capacity.

Trading Post

This building is used to send more resources to other players.


Complete chapter and see the history of your kingdom by tapping on this building

Courier Station

You can buy various items from NPC/merchants which are resources, speed-ups, boosters and many more.

Scout Camp

You can scout on your enemies before attacking them. To scout, tap on the enemy kingdom and you will see scout option. By scouting, you will get the details like defense, resources, and many more. Scout reports arrive in your mail


You can unlock chests using this building. You can find two types of chests in-game silver chest and golden chest. By unlocking the chest, you can get commanders, resources, sculptures and many more.


You can do research in this building. Researching technology will increase in production of resources, troops load, gathering speed and many more.

Barracks, Archery Range, Stable, Siege Workshop

You can build your troops from these buildings by researching in the academy.


After the battle between the kingdoms, a lot of troops gets injured. You can heal your injured troops in the hospital. Upgrading the building will increase the capacity to heal injured troops.


When you open the world map, you can see many forts. You cannot attack these forts solo. You need to start a rally attack, to increase the rally attack capacity upgrade your castle. You can earn various rewards like the book of the covenant, keys, and many more.

Notice Board

You can get a detailed report about the updates that arrive in Rise Of Kingdoms

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