RAID: Shadow Legends Guide, Gear & Farming, Dungeon Details & Tips

RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow legends is an online multiplayer role-playing game developed by Plarium Global Ltd. The game is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download the Android APK from HERE and the iOS file from HERE. In this game, there are various champions over 300+ and 16 factions. You can check out the hero list HERE for rare and epic champions and HERE for the legendary champions. The game feature various mode such as campaign, arena, clan boss and much more. We will show you a complete basic guide to this game to ease your gameplay as when a lot of option is available in a game, we tend to get confused on how to proceed.

In this post of Raid Shadow Legends, we will talk about beginners guide, best starting heroes, how to farm & get better gears and much more.

Raid Shadow Legends Guide

At the beginning of the game, you will be required to select a champion to continue your journey. The main focus of your at the beginning of the game should be on completing the campaign as soon as possible. While completing the campaign, you will unlock various champions. Use the low-level champions as food to upgrade, level up and raise rank your best champions. Early game you will get permanent double XP as a bonus for newbies. So use this time to grind maximum XP and level up your character.

You should only play dungeon in the early game to only to complete the progress mission. Once you have cleared the campaign, focus on how to get better gear and upgrade them. You need to equip the right gear to the right champion. For example for an attacker champion, you shouldn’t equip with a defense gear. Always keep upgrading your gears. There are different stats to gear the main stats and sub-stats. Gear’s main stat is the primary one that increases with every level that you upgrade. Gear can be increased up to level 16, with sub stats being revealed, or upgrade, at levels 4, 8, 12 and 16.

While playing campaign you can select 1 best champion and 3 low-level champions so that the low-level champions die early and all the experience will be collected by your best champion. This way you can level up your best champion faster. During battle check for the marker at the enemy head. If its green then your champion will deal maximum damage. If it is red then the champion will deal the least damage. So make sure hit enemy with green markers.

You can find three locked structure in your camp. These locked structures will unlock once you reach certain levels and those are:

Sparring Pit- Unlocks at level 15. Here you can place your champion to get XP for free and you can also check how much XP they are gaining per hour.

Market- Unlocks at level 18. Here you can buy champions using Silver.

Mine- To unlock mine you need 500 gems. Once you unlock this building you can generate gems and collect them from this building.

Raid Shadow Legends Team Composition

You should always check for the stats and buff each champion provide before adding them to your team. Is the champion really worth for your team? Is he providing any stats buff to your team? Don’t always choose your strongest hero for the battle. Having an attack booster or speed booster with high AOE damage and critical damage is good for your team.

As this game provides various modes, you need to think about your winning strategy in each mode. Don’t neglect the healers, even if they deal low damage they can provide buffs to your attacker champions. If you are taking a tank, make sure your team has a defense boost. Don’t mix and match. Throwing a random tank in with 3 attackers will just leave that tank standing after the other 3 are dead and he’ll be focused down. He needs to accomplish something that benefits the team. Can he add an ally protection buff? Can he provoke members of the enemy team?

The Attacker- Attackers generally want to do as much damage as possible. Make sure to equip them with gloves with a crit damage main stat, chest with the attack as a main stat, and boots with speed as the main stat.

Defenders- Defenders are a varied lot, some are tankier than others. A basic set up would be 3x defense sets, with either crit damage % or defense % on gloves, defense % on the chest, and speed boots.

Support- Not all support champs are officially labeled support! Support is a champ who is reliant on buffs or debuffs as their main contribution to the team. Supports want speed primary or survivability second. Equip them with 3x speed (or divine speed) sets, with HP or Defense% gloves and chest, depending which they scale better with, and speed boots.

Raid Shadow Legends Dungeon

Dungeons are where you find ascension potions, mastery scrolls, and the best gear raid has to offer. Dungeon bosses are much stronger than campaign bosses and often require specific strategies to defeat. Knowing what the bosses can do is vital to beating them. With the exception of the spider, each dungeon involves facing two waves of minions before fighting the boss.

Note: Most buffs and debuffs are useful against most bosses. Defense down increases your damage, speed debuffs slow the boss down and let you get more damage in, counter-attack buffs will let you counter every time the boss attacks (since they all only have AoE attacks).

There are three different kinds of dungeons which are:

Potion Dungeon

Arcane Keep- The Arcane dungeon is available every day and drops arcane potions, which every champion uses to ascend. The boss of the spirit dungeon is infamous for her regeneration. She has two abilities and a passive.

Spirit Keep- The spirit keep drops ascension potions for spirit type champions. It’s available on Monday and Thursday. The boss of the force keep is a brick wall of defense. He has 2 abilities and a passive.

Force KeepDrops ascension potions for force champions. It’s available on Tuesday and Friday. The boss of the force keep is a brick wall of defense. He has 2 abilities and a passive.

Magic Keep-The magic keep drops ascension potions for magic champions. It’s available on Wednesday and Saturday. The boss of the magic keep specializes in self-buffs and shields. She has two actives and two passives.

Void KeepDrops ascension potions for void champions. It’s only available on Sunday. The boss of the void keep specializes in dealing poison damage. He has two active abilities.

Scroll Dungeon

Minotaur’s Labyrinth- The minotaur dungeon is where you will obtain mastery scrolls for your champions. Mastery scrolls are used to buy masteries.

Gear Dungeon

The remaining four dungeons: Ice Golem’s Peak, Dragon’s Lair, Fire Knight’s Castle, and Spider’s Den, are the places where gear drops. Ice Golem, Dragon and Fire Knight each have the same pattern for gear and energy:1-2 star gear at stage 1, 1-3 at stage 2, 2-3 at stage 3, 2-4 at stage 4, 3-4 at stages 5 and 6, 3-5 at stages 7-9, 4-6 at stage 10-15.

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