Property Brothers Home Design Guide, Tips, Mini Games, And Much More

Property Brothers Home Design

Property Brothers Home Design

Property Brothers Home Design is a simulation game developed by Storm8 Studios. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK HERE and iOSĀ  File HERE. The game is perfect for all types of people if you are interested in interior designing, you will love this game. You need to design your clients home by collecting coins. This game also has a mini-game within it to make it more interesting. So let us start with the game guide.

In this post of Property Brothers Home Design, we will throw some light about the gameplay, how to earn coins, diamonds, check design blueprints, play mini-games and much more.

Property Brothers Guide

The main objective of the game is to design your client house. You upgrade them using coins which you collect by playing mini-games. There is a total of 3 different collections of each type of furniture. If you have already purchased a piece of furniture and want to change the mode, just tap on that furniture and the different collections will pop up on the screen.

At the left bottom corner of the game screen, you can see a blue compass icon. It will show you the complete finished blueprint of the house to get a vague idea of how the house will look after remodeling. To add furniture to the client property you need to tap on the yellow icon on the screen and drag them inside the circle. Just by touching the yellow icons, you can see what type of work will be done such as furniture, wall paint, or adding windows and their price.

Property Brothers Coin, Diamonds And Energy

Coins are used in building a client home and we can collect coins by playing the mini-games. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game through which you can buy boosters. At the starting of the game, you will be given 200 free diamonds. Do not buy boosters at the starting of the game because there is no way you will get free diamonds in this game even by through watching ads. The developers have been trying to add new features to get boosters and diamonds free by watch Ads, but for now, you can only get diamonds by spending money. Energy is used when you fail to complete a mini-game. There is a total capacity of 5 energy and if you lose a mini-game 5 times, you need to wait for a while for the energy to charge up.

Property Brothers Mini Games

Mini-games are quite simple to play if you follow the instructions displayed in the screen properly. On the left top corner of the game screen, you can check your goal and plan your moves according to it. Try to complete the mini-game by using a minimum number of moves to gain more coins.

At the left bottom corner of the screen, you can see a rocket. By collecting a similar color of block the rocket bar will increase and once the bar is full, you can tap on it and select a block to destroy all the same color block from the screen.

If you are having trouble completing a mini-game, you can buy a booster with the diamond that you get from the starting of the game. We suggest you not to waste it at the beginning of the game because the mini-games will be harder once start getting big clients.

Property Brothers Boosters

Boosters are used to help you clear a stage easily. There are 5 different types of boosters available and each pack cost 90 gems. These packs are too costly and you need to use your boosters wisely. The list of boosters available are:

Pre Charged Fireworks – You start your mini-games with fully charged fireworks.

Triple Bombs – There will be 3 bombs in the board at the starting of the game.

Double Dynamite – Start the game with 2 dynamites on the board

Single TNT – You get a single TNT at the starting of the game.

SledgeHammer – Destroy any block without wasting a move.

Property Brothers Tips

Craft TNT

If you see a lot of similar color block, there will be dynamite, bomb or TNT mark on them. If you destroy them altogether, you will get a dynamite. The more the number of blocks you destroy in a single tap, the bigger the explosion of the bomb. So try to destroy more blocks at a time to get these explosives which will help you complete the mini-game easily.

Check Goal

At the top left corner, you can see the goal that you need to complete. Some of the goals are to clear out all the vase or drop the flower pot to the bottom. Do not waste your moves by destroying the blocks that don’t help you reach closer to your goal.

Use Firework Wisely

Firework is charged up when you destroy blocks. If you destroy more numbers of blocks at the same time, the firework will be charged up faster. Once the firework meter is full, you can use it to destroy all the same color block from the screen. Use it wisely as sometimes with just 1 move left you need to achieve your goal but the blocks couldn’t be destroyed. You can use the firework to destroy that single block and complete the mini-game.

Focus On The Screen

Most of the time we focus only on what we see. During mini-games, we only destroy the block which are together but as you reach the higher stages, the mini-games will be tougher. You need to plan carefully your move and check if by destroying some block you can bring together a group of same color blocks. This way you can make explosives and get a step closer towards achieving your goal.

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