Paw Patrol Rescue World Beginner’s Guide: Tasks and Tutorials

Paw Patrol Rescue World is a adventure fun game developed by Budge Studios. You play as a pup and you have to complete certain task to get pup food. The task are very easy. Any age group can play this game. The graphics and the sound are very user friendly. This game is based on the popular movie Paw Patrol. The game starts with training where you are told about movements and certain elements in the game.

Paw Patrol Rescue

Basic Controls

There are three playable characters in the game. Of course you are the rescue pup. Each pup have a special skill and a unique vehicle assigned to them. The three characters are

  1. Chase
  2. Skye
  3. Marshall

You ride around the Adventure Bay and help with certain missions. Although there are certain missions that can be completed by a specific character. The marker is put on the ground. You need to correspond the marker by the specific pup. In order to complete the missions.


Training Mission

In training mission, you are told how to complete tasks. You need to control your pup by tapping on the ground. The pup will move on its own. You also need to collect pup food in order to unlock some more places and objectives. Chase is your starting pup. You need to drive around a put 3 birdhouses back on tree. After that you need to put some broken benches in order. After that you are introduced to Skye. You complete few missions with Skye but before that you are given tutorials. Don’t Worry


Chase Missions

When you are using Chase, you are given certain missions such as

  1. Directing chicken back to Chicken Coop
  2. Find lost items and animals
  3. Fix broken bench, lamp posts, fire hydrants


Skye Missions

When you are using Skye, you are given certain missions such as

  1. Spot the Cows
  2. Find lost items and animals
  3. Fix broken bench, lamp posts, fire hydrants

On completing the football goal task, you will get some pet food for Skye. There is also a tug-of-war task with Chase.

On collecting enough pup food for individual pup, you will get a big dog biscuit. Sometimes you get debriefed to the Jake where he assigns you the specific tasks.


Paw Patrol Rescue

If you like the game, please support the developers

Also don’t forget to watch the movie. Hope you like Paw Patrol Rescue Guide

Game Link: PawPatrol Rescue World (Android)

Game Link: PawPatrol Rescue World (iOS)


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