Nonstop Knight 2 Talent List With Brief Details And How To Level Up Them

Nonstop Knight 2

Nonstop Knight 2 the latest action RPG game has been developed by Flaregames. All the talents will be locked at the beginning of the game, you need to clear dungeon and level up your character to unlock all the talents. Talents provide permanent special stats bonus to your character that will help him to clear all the stages of dungeon easily.

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In this post of Nonstop Knight 2, we will show you all the talent list available in this game, and how to level up them and boost your character stats.

Nonstop Knight 2 Talent List

Nonstop Knight 2

Primal Tactics – This ability enhances your basic physical attack, increase melee weapon damage by +45% and gives them a chance to stun enemies.



Nonstop Knight 2

Inspiration – Mana pool capacity increases by 10%. When your character will land a critical hit on enemies, he will restore some mana.



Nonstop Knight 2

Ranged Mastery – Increase the damage of the ranged weapon by 25% and gives them a knockback bonus.



Nonstop Knight 2

Ruthless – Stunned enemies will take bonus +25% damage and increase your character attack speed for each enemy stunned.



Nonstop Knight 2

Sharpened Senses – Gives your character a +5% block chance. In this game, when your character blocks an enemy attack, he gains some focus. With more focus, he will deal more critical damage.



Nonstop Knight 2

Boss Stopper – Gives your character a +5% block chance. Blocking bosses attack will chill them.



Nonstop Knight 2

Shattering Leap – Gives your character +25% frost damage. Leap has a chance to shatter frozen enemies.



Nonstop Knight 2

Roaring Cleave – Give your character +25% damage dealt to stunned enemies and also gives them a chance to stun enemies.



Cold-Hearted – Chilled enemies will take +25% damage. Killing frozen enemies will restore some of your character health.



Frost Bite – Chilled enemies will take +25% damage.  Frozen enemies have a chance to shatter when they take any damage.



Dancing Flame – Gives your character +5% dodge chance. Dodging will extend the Torchform skill duration while it’s active.



Barrage – Gives your character +10% mana. Rolling flame skill will have 3 more extra projectiles.



Fiery Temper – Burning enemies will take +25% damage. Your attack speed will increase for each burning enemy on the field.



Overheat – Gives your character +25% health. You can use skills even if you don’t have any mana in exchange for your character HP.



Pyromancy – Burning enemies will take +25% damage. Dealing damage to burnt enemies may cause them to panic and attack each other.

Nonstop Knight 2 Level Up Talent

To level up these talents, you need to collect the required number of cards of that talent. Once you collect enough cards, you can go to the talent menu, select the talent that you want to upgrade and tap on level up. You can get these cards from the chest you open by clearing each stage or from the vendor shop. You can access the shop by tapping on the chest icon at the bottom of the game screen. Skills and skill pack are also available in the shop which can be bought using the gems. Gems are the premium currency that can be bought using real money, opening gift box, and when your character levels up.

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