Nonstop Knight 2 Guide,Earn Coins,Gem,Shards & Tips To Clear Dungeon

Nonstop Knight 2

Nonstop Knight 2

Nonstop Knight 2 is an action-based role-playing game developed by the company Flaregames. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS.  You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. The game has a variety of features such as competitive game mode, co-op mode, various skills, talents, and collectible equipment. The controls of the game are simple, where you don’t have to have to take care of the movement of your character. Your character will attack the monsters automatically, while you just need to use abilities at the correct time.

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In this post of Nonstop Knight 2, we will show you some beginners guide, tips, strategy and much more to help you complete dungeon stages easily.

Nonstop Knight 2 Guide

Nonstop Knight 2

In this game, you need to perfect timing your skills to kill all the monsters and defeat dungeon bosses. You need to read the description of each gear and skill and make the most of their unique perks. You can cast your skills by tapping them at the bottom of the screen. You can always change your game screen browsing through the different menu and your character will still be battling enemies in the dungeon. Killing enemies will drop some diamonds and you need to collect enough of them to challenge the boss for a fight.

There is a total of 9 dungeons available in this game. The tournament feature is going to come soon in recent updates and the badland mode will be unlocked once you complete dungeon 4. You need to make your character stronger and for that, you need to equip him with gears, upgrade his skills and talent. There are other guides to skills, gears, and talent mentioned above which you need to read carefully to fully utilize all the unique perks.

If you are stuck in any stage of a dungeon, go to the previous dungeon and re-do the boss stages to get better gears and more exp. You can set the difficulty of the dungeon in by going to the dungeon menu and tapping on the banner icon at the top left corner of the game screen. To unlock Heroic and Mythic difficulty you need to clear all the dungeon in the previous difficulty mode. Heroic and Mythic dungeon provide high tier gears, more coins, and gems.

Nonstop Knight 2 Earn Coins, Gems And Shards

The best way to collect coins and shards is by playing special nodes available in the dungeon. To play these stages, you need to have 3 keys. Keys are used for opening chest in this game and by opening chest, we get shards, gears, and coins. There is a total capacity of 10 you can have and once it reaches zero, you cannot open anymore chest. You need to wait for few minutes for the keys to get a free key. You can also buy coins and shards from the store using gems but we recommend you not to waste your gems and save them.

Nonstop Knight 2 Tips

Join A Guild

To join a guild tap on the shield icon at the bottom of the game screen, select a guild and request to join. By joining guild, you can help your guild members while offline and earn some gold. At some stages in the dungeon, you also get help from your companions in clearing the stage.

Claim Goodie Chest

You get a free goodie chest every 8 hours. You can go to the store to claim them. Goodie chests contain gear, coins, and gems which will help your character in upgrading your talents, skills, and gears.

Clear Side Nodes

Sometimes some of the sides nodes “Survival” in the dungeon have featured loot items. You don’t have to play these nodes to complete the dungeon and advance further. Still, we recommend you to clear this node once to claim the feature loot.

Claim Special Offer

Special offers appear on the left side of the game screen in the form of a gift box icon. Tap on it and watch a small Ad to get the free gems. Gems are the premium currency in this game and can be used in various ways.

Try Different Skills And Talents

All the skills and talents in this game provide their unique special buffs. You can use these skills as a combo attack to defeat stronger enemies. Example When you place a Solar Sentry, the enemies will get lured towards it and stop attacking you. Your Solar Sentry has some HP and will be destroyed once it reaches zero. So you can prevent enemies from damaging your Solar Sentry using Blazing Nova that will knock back the enemies and confuse them. In this way, your Solar Sentry will last longer dealing more damage to the enemies.

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