Nonstop Knight 2 Get Stronger Equipment, Gear Set Tier List & Gear Perk

Nonstop Knight 2

Nonstop Knight 2

In Nonstop knight 2, your character needs to have better gear to defeat all the monsters. There are various gears available in this game which you need to unlock and level up. Most of the gears have their own unique ability in this game which makes it more interesting. Below we have written a brief guide on all the gears available and how to make them stronger.

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In this post of Nonstop Knight 2, we will show you how to obtain stronger gears and gear tier list with set collection and their perks.

Nonstop Knight 2 Get Stronger Equipment

Equipment or gears in this game provide your character with more power rating and making him stronger to clear all the stages. You get equipment by opening a chest or buying from the shop. To open a chest you need keys and clear a stage in the dungeon. To buy from the shop, you need to spend gold coins which can be collected by clearing dungeon. You can also get high tier gears by playing the Heroic and Mythic difficulty level. You can unlock these difficulty level by completing and defeating all the dungeon bosses.

To make your equipment stronger you need shards. There are four types of shard available in this game which are silver, golden, blue and purple.  You get these shards by clearing dungeons. Different equipment requires a different type of shard to empower. Empowering your equipment will increase it’s level and will provide more stats. You can empower any equipment by going to your character page, selecting a piece of equipment and tap empower.

Nonstop Knight 2 Gear Tier List

Note- All the collection have the same stats as other is that particular tier list, the difference is that each collection provides you with some different unique bonus perk. The randomized perks are the perks of all the weapons, each epic and legendary weapons has its own special perk, you can check them out by visiting the collection page in the game. The stats of perks will be stronger with more number of gears your character equips of the same collection. You need to equip at least 2 gears of the same collection to activate the perk of legendary and rare gears.

Legendary (+3 Randomized Perk)

Corruptor Collection – Visage, Claw, Mantle, Slippers, Blossom. (The perks of this set are that your character summons vortexes that trap enemies and implode dealing 70% void damage. Enemies killed by this perk will assist you for a while).

Pyro Collection – Helm, Gloves, Robe, Boots, Spheres (The perks of this set are that your character deals +50% damage to burning enemies. The burn can also spread among the enemies).

Polar Collection – Helm, Gloves, Mantle, Boots, Cloak. (The perks of this set are that your character deals +40% frost damage per second to the enemies that are nearby and chills them).

Regal Collection – Helmet, Gauntlets, Cuirass, Greaves, Shield, Lance (The perks of this set are that your character restores health upon block enemies attack, has a cooldown of 1 second and has +8% block chance).

Legendary Weapons – Nove Blade, Blood Sword, Twister Sword, Craven Scepter, Whale Knocker, Poison Cleavers, Piranha Gloves. (All of these gears have 290 base damage, but all these items have their own unique special perk.)

Epic (+2 Randomized Perk)

Craven Collection – Masque, Sleeves, Robe, Claws, Cloak. ( Perk benefit are: Your character has +4% dodge chance and upon successful dodging, nearby enemies will get charmed and attack each other).

Tundra Collection – Horns, Gloves, Doublet, Snowpants, Tusk. ( Perk benefit are: Critical damage increase by +40%. When you kill enemies with melee weapons, you generate focus. Focus increases the critical chance.

Thorns Collection – Helmet, Gloves, Armor, Boots, Shield. ( Perk benefit are: Reflects 40% void damage to enemies when getting attacked, enemies damaged with void may panic).

Royal Collection – Helmet, Bracers, Armor, Boots, Cloak. ( Perk benefit are: You will get an assistant support squire that deal physical damage. The damage dealt by support increases +30%).

Ignito Collection – Helmet, Gloves, Armor, Boots, Cloak. ( Perk benefit are: Killing enemies with fire damage restore +5% mana and has a cooldown of 1 second).

Mariner Collection – Bellmet, Wristguards, Suit, Treads, Shield (Mariner Set- When you block an enemy attack, your character parry enemies attack and deals 70% frost damage to nearby enemies and knocks them back down. This perk has 1 second cooldown time and has 8% blocking chance.)

Epic Uniques – Bucket Helmet, Half-Scissor, Royal Blade, Bandage Sword, Ice Blade, Orb Scepter, Matchstick Wand, Forging Hammer, Magnets. (All of these gears have 290 base damage, but all these items have their own unique special perk.)

King Collection – Greeny Cap, Wrapsson’s Wraps, Jinxsson’s Bracers, Lantern’s Vestment, Spidey’s Leg Warmers, O’Jaw’s Boots, Zephyr’s Lanterns, Beamsson’s Cloak, Scarecrow’ Scythe. (Each item have their own unique special perk).

Rare (+2 Randomized Perk)

Warrior Collection – Helm, Gauntlets, Armor, Shoes, Shield.

Farmer Collection – Hat, Sleeves, Work Vest, Work Boots, Gourd.

Scoundrel Collection – Tricorne, Mitts, Jacket, Boots, Gourd.

Blacksmith Collection – Helmet, Gloves, Apron, Boots, Bellows.

Rare Weapons – Salad Sword, Big Axe, Bone Finger, Burnt Stick, Frosty Ham, Sawblades, Cinnabar Scepter, Cultist Dagger. (All of these gears have 290 base damage).

Common (+1 Randomized Perk )

Rookie Collection – Hoods, cuffs, armor, boots, cloak.

Peasant Collection – Hoods, gloves, Tunic, Boots, pack.

Patched Collection – Hoods, gloves, Vest, Boots, pack.

Villager Collection – Headband, gloves, Vest, Boots, Lumberpack.

Common Weapons – Rusty Sword, Hatchet, Old Shank, Farmer Shovel, Rat Basher, Fist Sticks, Close Shaver (All of these gears have 290 base damage).

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