Nonstop Knight 2 All Skills List In Details And Best Skills Among Them

Nonstop Knight 2
Nonstop Knight 2

Nonstop knight 2  has various way to make your character stronger to complete all the stages of the dungeon and be the champion of the badlands. For that to happen, you need to learn about all the skills available in this game and how they are connected with your talents and gear. You need to keep changing the combinations of your skills depending on the levels, talent, gear, and the bosses. You can check out our other guide that will help you in understanding the game better.

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All Skills List In Details And Best Skills Among Them

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In this post of Nonstop knight 2,  we will show you all the skills available in this game with brief details and the best skill for you to choose.

Nonstop Knight 2 Skills List

Primary Skills

Nonstop Knight 2

Ice-Blast – Deals 100% frost damage to monsters and chills them.



 Cleave Strike  – Strikes forward dealing 100% frost damage to monsters, while increasing your character focus. Focus increases your chance to deal critical damage.



 Flashfire – Dash forward leaving a trail of fire that deals 70% fire damage to enemies and may set burning effect on them.



Torchform – Your character dashes forward and for 2-second gains increased attack speed and deal 70% damage per second to surrounding enemies.


Secondary Skills

Leap – Leaps forward and deals 150% frost damage to monsters.



Whirlwind – Spins around the enemies dealing 140% frost damage.



Nonstop Knight 2

Blazing Nova – Knockbacks all the enemies and deal 150% fire damage.



Rolling Flame – Launch three fiery projectiles that deal 40% fire damage and may hit critical damage.


Ultimate Skills

Nonstop Knight 2

Tornado – A Tornado is summoned that stuns all the enemies inside it and deals 50% frost damage.



Nonstop Knight 2

Frostfall – Frost rocks fall from the sky dealing 250% frost damage and chilling enemies.



Nonstop Knight 2

Flame Breath – Fires Kamehameha (a continuous jet of flame) that deals 100% fire damage per second and inflict burn damage on enemies.



Nonstop Knight 2

Solar Sentry – Summons a ward that fires fireball on enemies dealing 30% fire damage and lures them.



Nonstop Knight Skills Guide

The best combo you can make in this game is to have all same element abilities, and the talents according to it. Example there are various talent, skills, and gear in this game that have their own unique perk. So if you have a talent (flame breath) that burns the enemy, and your gear(Ignito Collection) and talent perk are that burning enemies take more damage. The best combo in ice and fire skills are :


Ice – Ice Blast

Fire – Touchform


Ice – Whirlwind

Fire – Blazing Nova


Ice – Tornado

Fire – Flame Breath

Note: These tips may vary due to various reason such as your ability, talent, and gears. We have written these from our own experience and with the help of a few players. You can also share your tips in the comment section with others.

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