My Friend Pedro : Strategy, Tricks and Tips for Level Completion

My Friend Pedro : Ripe for Revenge is the new action packed shooter mobile game which involves lots of bullets, enemies and parkour. The game was developed by Devolver Digital. To some extent it is somewhat a port of the PC version – My Friend Pedro which is available on Steam. Now playable on mobile, this game is insanely action packed with slow-mo parkour involved where you have to shoot the bad guys.

Pedro is the banana in the game and the playable character in the game is a figment of imagination and the task is to save the family on Pedro . The family of Pedro have been abducted by the bad guys. Now this is a class 2D run n’ gun parkour with slo-mo instances of a vigilante type character whose task is to listen to the banana Pedro and kill the bad guys.

There are different character physics involved like jumping off and against walls, breaking different terrains using weapons and items, using environmental items to advantage, sliding on skateboards, types and traits of enemies, different weapons and scoring system and such. Let’s look at some tips on how to play the game


You can use the joystick buttons on screen to move the character. It is suggested to invert the controls as it was comfortable for some players to play that way. You can shoot the enemies by tapping on them directly. You can jump, roll, stick to walls and jump against it. There are some items in-game which can be used to turn tides of fight which will be discussed later.  Players can also make the use of slo-mo while holding the movement button in order to slow the time down and prepare for the next move. The player can also change the sensitivity of their touch according to their needs. A player needs to reach the end of level which is marked by a lime color door.


A player should observe the surroundings and the level itself before making the move because there are enemies lurking around the corner ready to shoot. A player should also look after the walls and suitable paths which they can take in order to have optimum score. Make use of mind to carve through your way of enemies and surrounding. Plan preemptively before hand because the game is a little fast paced. A players has to look at enemies positions and angling in order to make next successful move.



A players should be alert while engaging in fights with enemies, in order to have a successful fight. The character is equipped with dual wield pistol to slay the enemies. Although you have to take care of the characters HP which is shown in bottom left corner of the screen. Moving along the levels, you can acquire more weapons which are scattered across the levels. The available weapons are

  • Uzi
  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Bazooka


If you have played the game enough you will find new game elements in the game which make the game even more exciting. But if you don’t know, we got you covered. Some levels have boxes, glass panes, breakable walls which you need to destroy in order to advance. In few levels , players can come across gurney and skateboard which you can use to roll around and traverse the level fast. A player should also notice jerry cans scattered in some part of maps which you can use to blow breakable walls or just blow multiple enemies up. There are ropes which can used to reach different parts of levels. Just in case, you can damage yourself by the barb wires and explosive canisters which are present across the levels.


The enemies look differently according to various levels. But all bad guys are the same. You have to shoot at them, they are also going to shoot back at you. Although you need to know some characteristics of the enemies. Some enemies don’t one HP bar which can be killed with one hit. Enemies with HP bars need multiple hits accordingly to the number of HP bars.  Enemies have basically 3 reaction states which are denote by a circle around them.

  1. No Circle – Enemies are completely unaware of your presence and have no reaction
  2. White Circle – Enemy has detected you and are drawing their weapon. Reaction is slow
  3. Yellow Circle –  Enemy has weapon and ready to fire. Reaction is moderately faster
  4. Red Circle – Enemy will fire at you when they have you in sight. Reaction is very fast.

A players has to take care of all these factors while hopping around. There might be several tough enemies to kill in the game , so be ready.’



You build up score as you kill enemies. You will also get a multiplier for making multiples kills. The multiplier has a window within which you have to kill more enemies to increase the timer as well as the times multiplier. More the multiplier, more points you will accumulate. Also be aware of your moves as you can lose the multiplier by these incidents

  • Getting shot by enemies.
  • Coming in contact of barb wires
  • Staying near explosive elements
  • Idling

The final points accumulated gets you star for the level performance. You can get 3 stars if you accumulate maximum points. So keep the multiplier up and avoid getting hurt. If you can’t get the stars desired then, start from the beginning.


After rescuing a family member of Pedro, you get the play a special level where you have to drive a bike on the road while shooting the bad guys and avoiding obstacles which will reset the multiplier.  It’s relatively easy if you are careful and use slow mo to your advantage. So be fast with your fingers.


If you like the game, please support the developers.

Game link :

My Friend Pedro (Android)

My Friend Pedro (iOS)


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