Muscle Boy Guide for Beginners: Tips, Tricks and Levelling up

Muscle Boy

Muscle Boy Guide for Beginners.

Muscle Boy is fun levelling up game where you start as a infant. Your objective is to lift weights and gain points which in order levels up your infant. You can also level up your weight as you earn enough coins. It’s a very fun game. Kids can really enjoy this game as it can test one’s reflexes. As you level up, the infant gets buffed every time. The funniest part is when the infant lifts weight. The visuals are very enjoyable and cheering. Let’s look at the guide.

Scoring points

There is a meter, on the top. You have to press the button when the pointer reaches to long green mark or short blue mark. Although tapping on the blue mark grants you insane money and XP. Collect maximum points in order to level up the baby. You can also level up the equipment.

Muscle Boy

This is what game looks like. You have tap on the screen as the pointer reaches green or blue part. It is relatively easy to tap on green than blue. You have to be quick.

If you tap on the green part, then boy will workout normally

muscle boy guide


If you tap on the blue part, then the boy will workout intensely.


The boy will auto upgrade itself and increase levels as the XP is earned. Lift weight to increase XP. You can also upgrade the weights normally.


Bonus Level

Bonus level appears everytime you increase the level of boy. In the bonus level, you have to toss a person in the air. Tap again correctly to toss the person even higher into the space. You keep on doing this until the person falls on the ground. Higher you go, the more points you will get.  The bonus level looks like this.


Hope you like the Muscle Boy Guide for beginners.

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Game Link: Muscle Boy (Android)

Game Link: Muscle Boy (iOS)

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