Momo Game: Kill The Momo Guide And Tricks To Earn More Coins

Momo Game: Kill the Momo

Momo Game: Kill the Momo

Momo Game: Kill The Momo is a free Arcade game where the Main Character (MC) shoots and kill the worshippers wearing Momo mask or the aggressive crowds. You are alone high trained assassin, fighting your way to the legend who is waiting in the last level (perhaps). The hoax and legend have become quite famous that the game has crossed the 1M benchmark downloads and it’s still going up now.

The Arcade game allows you to unlock different weapons as you advance forward in the game. The gameplay and controls are too easy and simple that anyone can play this game casually. The spooky face of Momo may scare some of you players but what more you can take revenge here and burst their head out.

Killing Momo’s will award you with coins which you can later use to unlock new guns. Equip them and face more challenging levels and head to the exit of every level in the fastest time. This game doesn’t need much guidance, Select a gun and face those Momo’s hoards like any other FPS game, maneuvering your character to kill and survive at the end of a day.

Game Features:

In the game, you have a checkpoint where you have to reach to advance further ahead to the exit. These checkpoints are indicated in White while the Red indicators notify where the enemies are coming from.

You don’t need to kill every Momo zombies to advance ahead, rather you can dash forward to the checkpoint and further to the exit gate only killing Momo who are obstructing your path. This way you can speedrun to the very end and complete the game, but the coins awarded for kill and headshots will be neglected and you will face the scarcity of credits to unlock new weapons.

The MC fight through Momo zombies in the dark and spooky environment. You can almost spot the bonfire easily in the game where you can refill your ammo and health. Remember to equip the gun which needs ammo as it only allows you to refill the gun which you are holding.

Earning Coins

Momo spawns are consistent and will be spawning more as you climb up the level. For earning heavy coins, you can select the level where the Momo spawns are great and eliminate them all with headshots.

You can view ads to earn coins to unlock your weapons. Ads are inconsistent but another way to earn coins. We would recommend you to simply clear those level where you can encounter a mob of Momos. Eliminate them all to increase your coins and enjoy the brilliant game.

On-Screen Information

It is a simple Arcade FPS game with no complex instructions and controls. You will easily notice details all on the top of the screen where your weapon, ammunition, score, and enemy count is displayed. The health bar is displayed under the weapon bar.

Always be aware of your surroundings and the stats displayed on the screen. Momo count goes down as you kill them and proceed forward to the checkpoint. Killing them all will spawn them again from the beginning which you can farm later for coins.

Always keep a tab on your ammo and health which is limited in this spooky environment. You can refill them once again when you reach the bonfire. The MC is quite fast and can outrun the enemies easily, so it’s not much of a big deal if your weapon is exhausted. You can run away to the exit gate once your ammo expires.

Efficient Use Of Guns

You can easily complete all the stages and eliminate all enemies with some of your handpicked guns. You can farm coins as mentioned earlier and unlock all the guns later. Each gun is unique and provides different stats. You can maximize the damage of your gun according to its type, for example- Baiting and setting up the enemies into a group and finishing them all off with your shotgun in a single or double blow.

The pistol is your basic weapon which you can utilize them efficiently when dealing headshot to every enemy. You can deal a head blow with all of your weapons to save your ammo and dealing killing blow simultaneously. Note: Performing Headshots award you with extra points and coins.

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