Mobile Legends : Bang Bang (Unusual Dimension Quiz)

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MOBILE LEGEND: BANG BANG Unusual Dimensions Poster for the event

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game developed by Shanghai Moonton Technology. It is a 5v5 (PVP) mobile game. The objective of the game is to defend your own base while attacking and trying to destroy the enemy base. Whoever destroys their opponent bases first, wins. The game is played by moving into certain lanes or pathways namely “top”, “middle” and “bottom” where the battle takes place between computer-controlled characters called “minions” from both side and user-controlled character “hero” from individual devices.  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is widely played MOBA in the southeast region of Asia where it is also considered as one of the competitive esports for mobile gaming. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was started in 2016 which has come a long and a great way to its success and emerging player base from the Asia region and all over the world.



The certain rules and regulations for the event in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game. You need to open the game. In the events section of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you will find a poster showing the event for this Quiz. Tap the quiz and follow the instructions.

  1. Event Time(server time) Mar 16-20, 2020
  2. Players must log in to participate in the event
  3. Every Player will get 2 Stamina the first time they log in. Each Account ID can only claim once
  4. The first quiz attempt does not consume Stamina. If you choose the wrong answer, reanswering a question costs different number of Stamina based on the difficulty level. Players must answer a question correctly to unlock the next one.
  5. Each Dimensional Tiers has a different number of questions and difficulty settings. The difficulty and rewards will increase as the player proceeds to a higher dimensional tier.
  6. All of the questions are a single selection with four options. Choose the right one to proceed
  7. The first invitation of a friend unlocks one Dimensional chest, which can be claimed on March 21 by logging in the game, with the chance to get Bane “Count Dracula” skin.
  8. Unlocking all the locations to unlock the Ultimate Chest, with the chance to get Freya “War Angel” skin.
  9. Send the event link to your friends or post it on Facebook, Whatsapp, or other social platforms. For every friend logging in via the link you share, you’ll get 1 Stamina point.
  10. You can also get Stamina by assisting the others. Every player can help another get 1 Stamina for up to 5 times everyday meaning gaining 1 Stamina for themselves.  The 5 Staminaneed to be given to five different players.
  11. The event will end at  00:00 AM March 21(server time) to close the Quiz. The deadline for claiming the unlocked rewards is 23:59, March 22(server time).
  12. There may be a certain delay in rewards issuance. If you do not receive the rewards after a long time, please contact us via Customer Service.
  13. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang reserves all the right to the final interpretation of this event.


Given below are the answers to the questions asked on the quiz during this limited event in the original server. Complete the quiz and win exciting rewards including an Epic Skin. Few lucky winners get an Epic Skin.  There are three parts to the quiz but you will be asked the same questions, so look for the questions and match the answer below. You need to open Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and search for the events sections. You will find the quiz there. Once you tap it. You will be sent to the browser and put it in portrait mode. Login with your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game ID and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Server ID. You will be asked to enter the code which will be received in your game inbox. Check your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game inbox for the code and input that code here back in the browser for successful login. Then you can continue answering the questions

Question: Who saved Franco from drowning?
Answer: Freya

Question: What do people call the waters near Northern Vale in the north of the Land of Dawn?
Answer: The Frozen Sea

Question: What kind of power is inside Aurora Heart?
Answer: The Power of Regeneration

Question: According to the story of “Fighters on Stormy Sea”, what is the name of Franco’s ship
Answer: The Nightwheel

Question: What does Franco hate the most?
Answer: Swimming

Question: What did Atlas want to do with Aurora Heart?
Answer: To remove the injunction curse on the Abyss

Question: According to the story of “Fighters on Stormy Sea”, who detonated the energy of Aurora Heart 15 years ago?
Answer: The Lord of Abyss

Question: What do the people call Franco?
Answer: The Frozen Warrior

Question: According to the legend of Bane, what is the name of Bane’s flagship that was sunk by Franco?
Answer: The Behemoth

Question: Which Hero is able to sense the presence of Twilight Orb?
Answer: Lunox

Question: According to the story of “Fighters on Stormy Sea”, what is the name Franco has given to his new ship?
Answer: The Valkyrie

Question: What does Bane want to do with Aurora Heart?
Answer: To absorb its energy and dominate the world

Question: Which one is NOT a place in Northern Vale?
Answer: Haunted Cavern

Question: Who do Northern Valers worship?
Answer: Their Ancestors

Question: Why was Franco feeling lost when Freya took Aurora Heart back to Martyr’s Shrine?
Answer: He had a crush on Freya

Question: Which kind of creature is NOT commonly seen in Northern Vale?
Answer: Dragon Lizards

Question: Where is Atlas heading for with Aurora Heart?
Answer: The Abyss

Question: What is the name of bane’s crew?
Answer: The Black Shark Pirates

Question: According to the story of “Fighters on Stormy Sea”, who is Bane’s most loyal man?
Answer: Zygmunt

Question: Which hero of Northern Vale wasn’t involved in the fight against Bane?
Answer: Masha

Question: What is the main duty of the Valkyries in the Northern Vale?
Answer: Guiding the souls of the dead warriors to the afterlife

Question: How many Twilight Orbs have appeared so far in the Land of Dawn?
Answer: Four

Question: According to the Legend of Atlas, who caged Atlas and his people in the Abyss?
Answer: The Ancient Ones

Question: Which place is nearest to Northern Vale?
Answer: The Magic Academy

Question: According to the legend of Franco, why was he looked down by the others?
Answer: Because he’s short

Question: What is the name of the Twilight Orb that once appeared in the Land of Dawn?
Answer: The Grimoire

Question: Who did Freya see in the Unusual Dimension of Aurora Heart?
Answer: Her sister, Skuld

Question: Which of the following lines does NOT belong to Freya?
Answer: The ocean is not just our home. It is who we are.

Question: What is the name of the artifact that has been inherited for ages by the Northern Valers?
Answer: Aurora Heart

Question: What is Atlas after all?
Answer: An Abyssal Creature


Answer all the questions. Good Luck, Have Fun. Good Luck getting the epic skin. You will get lots of rewards in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang inbox and the Ultimate Chest has a chance to give you and Epic Skin of Freya “War Angel” or 100 TIckets.


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