Mech Arena Weapon Tier List: Guide to Weapon Stats

Mech Arena Weapon Tier List Guide is a guide for weapons in the game and the energy cost and other aspects.

Mech Arena: Robot Wars is a 5v5 real time multiplayer robot war game. Your team has 5 robots vs the other teams 5 robots. Indulge into mechanical warfare in Control Points capture or Team Deathmatch. Each game mode is uniquely adrenaline filled to play. Mech Arena was developed by Plarium. There are different types of Mech in this game. As well as you can find a wide array of weapons. In this guide we will discuss about the weapons.

Mech Arena Weapon

Weapons Guide (Mech Arena Weapon)

There are basically 7 type of weapon in this game.

  1. Assault – These weapons fire a stream of projectiles dealing constant damage over time.
  2. Missile – These weapons fire self-propelled explosives that fly directly to target. AOE Damage
  3. Beam – Directed energy weapons designed to deal constant damage to targets.
  4. Close Quarters – These weapons inflict heavy damage in close range to multiple targets.
  5. Sniper – Long-Range precision weapons designed to take down a Mech in few hits.
  6. Guided – These weapons acquire a target lock on the enemy, then track auto when fired.
  7. Artillery – Extreme range indirect weapons that rain chaos down from above. AOE Damage


Weapon Stats

Different weapons have different stats such as power consumption, accuracy, damage, magazine , reload speed, fire rate and range. Several other weapons have different stats. You can check the stats on the inventory menu but here’s the stats table.


Damage Per Shot – Maximum Damage for each round fired

Fire Rate – Frequency of fire per minute

Magazine – Number of Rounds each time before reload

Reload Speed – Time take to reload ammo

Max Range – Maximum distance at which damage can be dealt

Accuracy – Measurement showing how well damage is dealt under crosshair

Damage Score Boost – Bonus end-of-match score from dealing damage with the weapon



NameRarityEnergy CostPerkDamage Per ShotFire RateMagazineReload SpeedMax RangeAccuracyDamage Score Boost
Autocannon 2Common2Adaptive35600rpm756.6s135mMedium
Autocannon 4Common4Adaptable70600rpm756.6s135mMedium
Plasma Cannon 2Uncommon2Flash Fire115300rpm256.2s75mLow5%
Plasma Cannon 4Uncommon4Flash Fire230300rpm256.2s75mLow5%
Plasma Cannon 6Uncommon6Flash Fire346300rpm256.2s75mLow5%
Pulse Cannon 4Rare4High Ammo96600rpm905.1s105mLow
Pulse Cannon 6Rare6High Ammo145600rpm905.1s105mLow
Pulse Cannon 8Rare8High Ammo193600rpm905.1s105mLow
Carbine 8Prototype8Burst Fire385100rpm506.2s120mMedium20%
Carbine 10Prototype10Burst Fire482100rpm506.2s120mMedium20%
Carbine 12Prototype12Burst Fire578100rpm506.2s120mMedium20%

Missile, Guided and Artillery

NameType RarityEnergy CostPerkDamage per ShotFire RateMagazineReload SpeedMax RangeDamage RadiusProjectile SpeedDouble Damage Chance
RPG 2 MissileCommon2Explosive300120rpm78s105mMedium120
RPG 4MissileCommon4Explosive600120rpm78s105mMedium120
RPG 6MissileCommon6Explosive900120rpm78s105mMedium120
Missile Rack 6MissileExotic6Alpha Strike2081150rpm510s150mMedium
Missile Rack 8MissileExotic8Alpha Strike2292200rpm610s150mMedium
Javelin Rack 4GuidedRare4Auto Taregeting865600rpm49.5s75mMedium10%
Javelin Rack 6GuidedRare6Auto Targeting900600rpm69.7s75mMedium10%
Rocket Mortar 8ArtilleryRare8Ground Target4453600rpm514.5s225mHigh
Rocket Mortar 10ArtilleryRare10Ground Target4668600rpm614.5225mHigh
Rocket Mortar 12ArtilleryRare12Ground Target4257600rpm1214.5s225mHigh

Beam and Close Quarters

NameType RarityEnergy CostPerkDamage per ShotFire RateMagazineReload SpeedMax RangeAccuracy Effect Speed (Overheat/Stasis)
Thermal Lance 2BeamCommon2Scorcher25600rpm7522.5s135mHigh20
Thermal Lance 4BeamCommon4Scorcher40600rpm7522.5s135mHigh30
Thermal Lance 6BeamCommon6Scorcher55600rpm7522.5s135mHigh60
Stasis Beam 12BeamExotic12Slowdown346300rpm5020s150mHigh60
Stasis Beam 16BeamExotic16Slowdown462300rpm5020s150mHigh80
Shotgun 2Close QuartersUncommon2Wide Hit Cone76275rpm56.8s30mLow
Shotgun 4Close QuartersUncommon4Wide Cone Hit152675rpm56.8s30mLow
Arc Torrent 6Close QuartersExotic6High Voltage588300rpm2515s30mHigh
Arc Torrent 10Close QuartersExotic10High Voltage980300rpm2515s30mHigh
Longarm 8SniperUncommon8Deadeye360060rpm512s180mHigh
Longarm 10SniperUncommon10Deadeye446160rpm512s180mHigh

Perks Explanation

Adaptable – Effective at most ranges and has high ammunition

Flash fire – This weapon favors lots of damage in a short time over long firefights.

High Ammo – A large magazine means this weapon is nearly always ready for action

Burst Fire – Fires short burst of high-damage, high-velocity rounds.

Explosive – Weapon deals damage in a small radius around the point of target.

Alpha Strike – Fires a set stream of rockets, rapidly emptying the magazine into the enemy.

Scorcher – Sustained fire applies an Overheat Effect that increases the damage the target takes.

Slowdown – Sustained fire applies a Stasis Effect that dramatically slow the target.

Wide Cone Hit – Shots fire in a cone, making them good at hitting fast targets or at short range.

High Voltage – Weapon pours forth a rapid tide of electrical destruction

Deadeye – The farther the target is, the more damage the weapon will cause.

Railgun – Every hit from this weapon will devastate even the strongest mech.



Different mechs have different energy capacity. Check the weapon stats and combine your firearms accordingly. Some weapons are more effective on some mechs because of their individual stats. Hence, You can experiment in the matches what suits your combat style. You can also upgrade the weapons.

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    1. Max damage will be known once you fully raise the rank of the weapon to 7 . It will take some time. I have upgraded till rank 2

  1. which weapons are suitable for (paragon),(killshot),(m.d),(lancer),(juggernaut)and(panther) i have these all mechs but i can,t win can you say which weapon is suitable for all these mechs.

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