Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Player’s Guide: Tips, Tricks and Gameplay

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a multiplayer team-battle game which involves robot combat. This game was developed by Plarium Global Ltd.  There are two sides and on each side there are five players. A player’s objective is to capture the strategic points and kill enemy team. The game winning factors by default are either by accumulating 100 points or eliminating entire team. Real Time 5v5 battle occur in a game. You choose a robot for yourself and customize it for the battle. There are different factions of robots and firearms which will be discussed later. The game has a division system which allows for competitive gameplay. There are 4 maps in the game with various terrain features and surrounding elements. Let’s take a look on the gameplay.


Mech Arena – Movement and HUD

mech arena

The health bar is located at the middle bottom. Your movement controls are located at the left bottom corner of the screen. Your weapon controls are located at the right bottom corner. In the top middle shows us control points, timer, remaining players and score. Top left corner shows the map where you can locate the points and enemies. It’s relatively easy to move and use weapons . Moreover you can also change sensitivity. If we look at weapon control firstly, you will see you can individually fire left or right side and simultaneously too. Secondly, your special ability button is also on the topmost button. Lastly, the bottom button is for autolocking enemy robots. You can also reload using the buttons above your health bar.

Mechs and Weapons

There are 14 types of mechs in the game. Although, each player are offered Paragon in the beginning of game. As you level up , you unlock the mechs and can be bought from shop.  Each mech class have different energy capacity which determines the weapons that can be used. There are basically 4 class of mechs which are

  • Attacker (High Firepower, Wide array of weapons)
  • Scout (Fast Movement, Recon purpose)
  • Tank (High Hitpoints, Shields, Good for holding points)
  • Support (Supports other mechs, Good for leveling battlefield)

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However each mech has a different unique ability which can be used in the battlefield. You can check about the mechs in the inventory. You can acquire the mechs by using in-game credits or premium currency.

Moreover a player can choose from 14 different types of weapon. Each weapon have a different energy cost to fit in the right combination with respective mech’s energy. There are basically 6 class of weapons which are

  • Assault (Projectile based, continuous or burst fire, good for dealing constant damage)
  • Missiles (Self-propelled explosives, deal high damage as well as AOE)
  • Beam (Energy Weapons, deal constant damage as well as scaling damage)
  • Close Quarters (Heavy Damage at close range, Good for Tanks)
  • Guided (Auto-track on enemies, no targeting required once locked)
  • Artillery (Long range with moderate damage, AOE damage, Good for engaging points)


Matchmaking and Modes


Currently there are few matchmaking which includes Quick  Match, Team match, Custom Match and Tournament. In Team Match you can call up players from friend list and have a match. In Custom Match making you can either host or join a lobby. You need to have 12800 XP in order to host a custom game. Quick match is the solo mode where you compete against the players online.  There are three types of quick match modes.



In control point clash, there are several control points in the map which each team can capture and control. After capturing a point it generates points. The team which accumulates 100 points before or when timer expires wins the game.  A team can also win by completely eliminating the enemy squad. Your objective is to capture the points and have the highest influence in the game possible. Design and choose your mech carefully.



There are two types of team deathmatch: 2v2 and 5v5. As the name says its between 10 players or 4 players. The objective is simple. Each round lasts 2 minutes. Rack up the highest number of kill. Best of 3 rounds is the winner. In case each team are tied, there will be 30 seconds overtime as round time expires.

Competitive Matchmaking and Division

Mech Arena has a competitive system which allows players with similar skill level to match accordingly. For instance, all quick matches calibrate and scale your rank points according to your wins and loses. Above all, Players start with Rookie Division which goes up to Division 1. In addition to that, players get additional bonus according to their division. However players can gain division points as they win matches. Hence below table shows the divisions and bonus

Division Rank Points Victory Points ⇑ Point Limit/ Per Victory pt Combat Points⇑ Point Limit/ Per Battle pt
Rookie 0-200 0 0 0 0
Division 10 200-400 0 10/1 0 200/40
Division 9 400-700 20% 12/1 20% 240/48
Division 8 700-1000 40% 14/1 40% 280/56
Division 7 1000-1500 60% 16/2 60% 320/64
Division 6 1500-2000 80% 18/2 80% 360/72
Division 5 2000-3000 100% 20/2 100% 400/80
Division 4 3000-5000 120% 22/2 120% 440/88
Division 3 5000-7000 140% 24/2 140% 480/96
Division 2 7000-10000 160% 26/3 169% 540/108
Division 1 10000+ 200% 30/3 200% 600/120


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