Mech Arena: Robot Showdown: Mech Tier List and Explanation

Mech Arena Tier List and Rarity

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a real time 5v5 robot combat game. In this game, there are team of two, 5 players. Each battling for control points and kills. In addition to that, there are variety of mech types and weapons involved. You can choose a wide array of mechs with different loadouts . In this post, we will look on the mech types, tier list and possible loadouts.

But first we need to know about the item rarity types in the game. There are five types of item rarity which are

  • Common (Indicated by white background)
  • Uncommon (Indicated by green background)
  • Rare ((Indicated by blue background)
  • Exotic (Indicated by purple background)
  • Prototype (Indicated by golden background)


Mech Types and Stats (Tier List)

There are 14 different mechs in the game. Mechs can be classified into 4 roles which are

  • Attacker
  • Scout
  • Tank
  • Support

mech arena mechs

In addition to different mechs have different energy capacity, HP, Speed, Ability Duration, Ability Cooldown, Power, Traits. Firstly, HP refers to a player’s hit points. Secondly, Ability Duration is the time the ability remains active and Cooldown refers to time taken to reset. Further, Power is the overall mech’s strength including stats, abilities, perks and weapons. In addition Speed refers to movement speed. Above all, energy capacity refers to ability to equip weapons. Furthermore, we will first look at the general stats table and then go into explanation part.

Mech Role Rarity Ability Base HP Base Speed (km/h) Ability Duration (s) Ability Cooldown (s) Base Energy Capacity Base Power
Paragon Attacker Common Boost 9000 18 6 9 8 73
Lancer Scout Common Jump Jets 9000 25 X 5 4 86
Juggernaut Tank Common Personal Shield 13500 16 12 10 6 79
M.D. Support Uncommon Repair Field 15700 22 10 12 6 149
Killshot Scout Uncommon Melee Dash 11600 29 X 6 8 122
Panther Attacker Uncommon Stasis Barrier 13000 20 10 10 12 124
Shadow Scout Rare Stealth 16100 29 12 8 8 231
Ares Tank Rare Wide Shield 32300 18 X 12 12 211
Guardian Attacker Rare System Crash 28200 16 X 12 16 192
Cheetah Support Exotic Mines 23400 22 X 6 10 334
Zephyr Support Exotic Shock Pulse 31200 18 6 8 16 327
Surge Scout Prototype Storm Dash 32600 20 5 8 18 426
Brickhouse Tank Prototype Overcharger 69200 14 10 12 18 426
Redox Attacker Prototype Caustic Blast 40700 16 6 8 24 388



Mech Abilities, Traits and Special Stats (Mech Arena Tier List)

Some mechs have special abilities. Granting them special stats which are helpful in the battlefield. Mechs also have secondary traits which are unique to them. Let’s take an explained look at the abilities.


Boost (Ability) – Gives a short burst of speed for quick movement.
Generalist (Trait 1) – All rounder mech with high movement and energy capacity.
Unspecialized (Trait 2) – Equal terms with other mechs.


Jump Jets (Ability) – Give a powerful jump boost to maneuver for repositioning.
Highly Maneuverable (Trait 1) – High movement speed allow quick attacks and angling.
Low Firepower (Trait 2) – Limited firepower not suitable for open battle.


Personal Shield (Ability) – Activates a shield which protects Mech.
Shielded Brawler (Trait 1) – High HP and decent shield points for durability.
Low Speed (Trait 2) – Low movement speed make it hard when it fights.


Repair Field (Ability) – Repairs damage of nearby allies in the battlefield.
Combat Medic (Trait 1) – Enough energy to carry high intensity weapons and offer support.
Suppressible Ability (Trait 2) – When under attack, can’t use the repair skill.


Melee Dash (Ability) – Dashes forward to deal massive damage on hitting mech.
Point Blank Lethality (Trait 1) – Very lethal at close quarters with high energy and movement speed.
Low Armor (Trait 2) – Very low HP and Armor making it really fragile when engaging.


Stasis Barrier (Ability) – Deploys a barrier blocking enemies projectiles and applies slow.
Area Denial (Trait 1) – High Energy Capacity with slowdown abilities.
Low Armor (Trait 2) – Has low HP and Armor and relies on barrier ability.


Stealth (Ability) – When activated, enemies can’t target the mech.
Quick and Sneaky (Trait 1) – High Movement Speed and very stealthy.
Low Armor (Trait 2) – Light armor and low HP, not suitable for open spaces.


Wide Shield (Ability) – Activates a portable shield which protects allies and yourself from enemy fire.
Team Defender (Trait 1) – High HP and directional shield grants good protection to allies.
Exposed Flanks (Trait 2) – Low Movement Speed , susceptible to flanking.


System Crash (Ability) – Applies shutdown effect rendering opponents as sitting ducks.
Tank Destroyer (Trait 1) – Good energy cap, all rounder and good at eliminating tanks.
Long Range Vulnerability (Trait 2) – Slow Movement Speed and short range of ability, bad at long range fights.


Mines (Ability) – Drops proximity mines which deal heavy AOE damage when triggered.
Nimble Striker (Trait 1) – High movement speed and low profile lets use ability at close quarters.
Low Armor (Trait 2) – Low HP and Armor and short range for abilities.


Shock Pulse (Ability) – Triggers an EMP blast which disables enemies.
Battlefield Control (Trait 1) – High Energy Capacity and ability to disable enemies.
Prime Target (Trait 2) – Low HP makes it very highly vulnerable when using abilities closely.


Storm Dash (Ability) – Dashes forward and disables mech on successful hit.
Battlefield Control (Trait 1) – High Energy Cap with ability to disable enemies.
Low Armor (Trait 2) – Low HP and Armor making it easy target.


Overcharger (Ability) – Amplifies weapon system and applies on nearby allies.
Mobile Fortress (Trait 1) – High Energy cap with unbelievably high HP and Armor.
Low Speed (Trait 2) – Very slow movement speed making it an easy target.


Caustic Blast (Ability) – Emits chemical toxin that applies corrosive effect, damaging and slowing them.
Tank Destroyer (Trait 1) – High Energy Cap with decent armor making it a tank buster.
Low Speed (Trait 2) – Low movement speed making it difficult to disengage.


All mech have unique abilities in the game. In addition, to abilities, they have a good trait and a bad trait which affects a certain mech. But, mostly mechs are balanced in aspects. For instance, if a mech has

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