Mars: Mars Space Explorer Beginner Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Mars: Mars Space Explorer is a jump and survive game where you have to explore Mars. This exploration game consist of you to jump across platform with your jetpack. It’s a challenging game as well. You have to be very precise with the gameplay. One wrong move will cost your life. But worry not because, you will respawn at the current platform. The jetpack is the toilsome mechanic in the game. You have the limited amount of fuel to land perfectly. If you land of platform with high speed, you will die. You might need several retries at difficult terrains. The terrains itself is very challenging to test a player’s patience. Each platform is by a beacon type structure. It glows orange/red by default. Once you clear a platform it glows green/blue.

Observe your terrain

Mars: Mars Space Explorer

Terrain observation is the important part in this game. There a re different kinds of terrains as you advance in the game which will challenge your jump and flight capabilities. There are certain elements in the terrain which can be used to bounce off. These help to propel forward . Use it to your advantage. One wrong move and you will wind up dead in pieces. Landing on anywhere other than the platform will cause death. So try not to touch the terrain in any manner.

Manage your Fuel

Mars: Mars Space Explorer

Your jetpack has limited fuel in it . It is denoted in the top left corner. Firstly, you need to figure out a plan on how to consume the fuel. Improper landing will cause your player to die due to impact . Secondly, when you are on a platform, the first move will send you flying forward. Further, next you have to use your jetpack carefully in order to consume fuel minimally. Tapping left will activate left thruster and same with the right one. While landing you need fuel to land softly. Hard landings will cause your player to die dramatically. So fuel consumption is a very integral part of the game which makes it very challenging.

Collect Points and Lootboxes

Mars: Mars Space Explorer

There are points scattered across the terrain. Collect it to increase your points. You can also get these by opening boxes. Although, you might get 50 points or more than that. In addition to that, you can also watch ads to earn 15 points. Usually they are announcements denoted by mouth icon on platforms. You can order a lunar explorer once you have enough points. The explorer usually takes 15mins to 1 hour to reach Mars from Earth. You can also speed up the arrival by using extra 5 points or more.

Unlock new Explorers

The default explorer with which you start the game is normal astronaut. There are other characters in the game that you can unlock and use. Once you have enough points, you can order a explorer. The lunar vessel lands in a certain platform. Reach the platform in order to open the vessel and unlock a new explorer. When you equip the new explorer, the background and jetpack trail might change too. It’s really cool. Subsequent orders will take time to reach mars.

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Game Link: Mars: Mars Space Explorer (Android)

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