Lyn The Lightbringer: How To Get Heroes And Hero Upgrades

Lyn The Lightbringer

Lyn The Lightbringer

Lyn The Lightbringer, is a role-playing game developed by NEXON. In this game, you have to build a team of heroes to battle against monsters. To build an invincible team you need strong heroes. In this guide, we will show you how to summon heroes, their upgrades, how to combine, dismantle and their skills.

Lyn The Lightbringer: How To Get Heroes

To summon heroes, you will need red diamonds and blue diamonds. After completing some missions, you get scroll as rewards. You can summon heroes through summoning or by playing altar of advent mode.

You can summon heroes by tapping on the summon option or by using a summoning scroll. Tap on the summon option at the bottom of the screen and select the summon hero option. You can check the odds by tapping on the summon rate button at the top-right corner of the screen.  To summon using summon scroll, select your bag, consumable, scrolls and use.

Hero Upgrade, Evolve, Enhance And Gear In Lyn The Lightbringer

To play other game mode and to defeat bosses, you need to have strong team members. You can make your hero strong by upgrading them. There is a number of ways to increase your hero stats:


You will earn experience after every battle. You can increase your hero level or level-up by keep collecting these experience points.  You can also sacrifice your low-level heroes, to level-up your high-level ones. To sacrifice a hero, go to the hero menu, select a hero, develop and select the low-level hero you want to sacrifice.


You can increase your hero stats and the ultimate ability by enhancing them. To enhance a hero, you need to have duplicate heroes and crystals. To obtain a duplicate hero, you need to summon them.


You can increase the star level of your hero by evolving them. Your hero needs to be at his/her maximum level to evolve. Refer to the 1st paragraph on how to level-up your heroes. You need red, blue crystals and evolution stones to evolve your heroes. You can find these items by playing adventure mode, challenges, and alter of advent.


You can get skill stones by dismantling your low level or useless heroes. You can use the skills stones to upgrade heroes.


You can increase the star level of heroes by combining them. You might not get the same hero which you have combined. For example, if you combine two 3 star heroes, you will get a random 4-star hero. You can only combine the same star heroes and who are at max level.


You can upgrade the special skills of your heroes by using skill stones. All the heroes in Lyn The Lightbringer have their own special skills. You can obtain skill stones by dismantling heroes, play time rewards, arena shop and by completing achievements.


You can increase the stat of your hero by equipping them gears. You can obtain gears from the shop, time rift, raid, adventure mode and through summoning. You can enhance your gear, reforge them or combine to make better.

Essence in Lyn The Lightbringer

In this game, there is a total of 5 types of essence. You can evolve your heroes by using this essence. The different type of essence are:

  • Attack (Red)
  • Defense (Blue)
  • Marksman (Yellow)
  • Magic (Purple)
  • Support (Green)

To evolve a certain class of heroes, you need a certain type of stone. For example to evolve a dps hero, you need red essence. You can obtain essence from challenge mode(essence fields), by achivements and from advent shop.

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