LifeAfter: White Valentine’s Day Event And Exclusive Items



LifeAfter game went into maintenance for the first time after its official release of the English version. After the maintenance, life after the players will get a brand new event called White Valentine’s Day. You can send white roses to your loved ones and impress them, team up with your friends to complete this event.

White Valentine Day is mostly celebrated in South Asian countries, where people exchange chocolates with their loved one. In this post, we will share the details about this event and the exclusive items associated with them.

Events And Special Outfits

Sweet Drills

You can complete this quest, by opening sweet drills in the Caravan Training. You need to invite your friends to complete the training quest. By completing this quest, you will be rewarded with White Chocolates, Mastery and more. These items can be exchanged for furniture and rare items in the market.

White Valentine’s Special Outfit

Couple’s who play LifeAfter together, rejoice as the game got you White Valentine’s Special Outfit known as Loud Lust. You can purchase this special bonus exclusive outfit from the shop. You will also get a special discount on gifting this outfit to your friends. So what are you waiting for, time to impress someone on this White Valentine’s day.


All the players in LifeAfter will receive 1 white Rose Seed daily during the event. You need to plant them in your manor to get White Roses. You can send white roses to confess your love to a friend or nearby players. The one who is on the receiving end will gain Charisma points. You will unlock different titles, outfits and many other rewards when you do this on a daily basis during the event and increase your Charisma ranks.

Spring Group Sale

In this event, a lot of items will be on sale from March 21 to March 27. You can buy these items at their original price first but as more player will join this event, the price of the items will decrease. Don’t worry if you have already bought an item at the original price, you will get a refund the very next day when the price drops.

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