LifeAfter:Tips To Upgrade Armor,Make Weapons Rare And Sell For Gold



You can earn a lot of gold in LifeAfter by selling upgraded armor and rare weapons. In this post, we will show you how to upgrade/make rare weapons and armors.

How To Upgrade Weapons in LifeAfter

Weapons can be upgraded by interacting with the Formula research station and then tapping on formula modification. You need tickets to upgrade your gear and can get them by researching blueprints. We recommend you to research only fusion II or fusion III.

You can also visit the exchange center to use the ticket and get research data to craft items. The double bed is also available in the exchange center for you and your partner. You can also check our previous post on where to get formula shards.

Get blueprints by using formula shards and research them in the formula station to get the tickets. Go to Formula Modification and tap on the + button and select the weapon you want to upgrade. If you are going the sell the upgraded weapon then we recommend you to go to the market and look for an item that is not being sold. This way you can easily sell that item and earn gold. Do not unlock your weapons if you want to sell them.

Check out our previous post for a detailed guide on selling weapons, items, and resources.

Tips To Make Weapons Rare in LifeAfter

You can make your weapons rare from the formula research center. Go to formula modification and tap on the + icon. Select the gun and click modify. Do not over upgrade your UZI or UMP to make them rare. You can check if an item is rare or not by selecting the item and tap on the select button above modify. There you can see the attributes of your gun. Some special attributes are damage to animals and building increases. The more the %, rarer the weapon. Only modify the researchable items, as you get a good price while selling them.

Check out our previous post on tips for infinite durability of your rare weapon.

During crafting of your weapon make sure you don’t your partner resources or you don’t have any not tradeable item. If you craft any weapons with those resources, you can’t trade or sell your weapon. You can apply skins to your weapons which increase its attributes but that doesn’t make the weapon rare. You can only make it rare by using the collector’s edition skin which can only be crafted by taking the gun maker cert.

Tips To Upgrade Armor in LifeAfter

You can upgrade your armor from the gear workstation. Tap on the armor making and select the armor you want to upgrade. To upgrade armor you need cloth, hide, rag, plastic and many more. As we have mentioned above do not use your partner resources to upgrade armor because later you can’t sell or trade it.

Always check out your backpack before crafting any items. Place the nontradeable resources in your mailbox or manor and then craft the items.

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