LifeAfter: Tips To Manage Your Camp And Be The Best Mayor



In our previous post, we have discussed how to sell a gun, earn gold bars, become mayor and basic camp guides. Creating a camp is very easy, follow our previous guide. In this guide, we will talk about the in-depth features of the camp and how to become the best mayor.

LifeAfter: Camp Operation Cost

If you are a mayor of a camp, you can set the camp tax rate. The taxation system works as if any members ship their resource through mailman to his/her manor. The cam will deduct a certain amount of resources. The camp operation cost is paid by the mayor through this taxation system.

If the mayor is able to pay the operation cost of the camp daily with the help of your camp members then your camp prosperity will increase. You can check your camp tax rate by visiting the town hall. Once you are inside the town hall, go inside the bank. Inside the bak, you will find a vault, interact with it. You will three tabs which are the camp tax, resources, and sell. Tap on the camp tax tab to see the tax rate of the camp. That much amount will be deducted from the supplies that are mailed from outside.

If you are the mayor of your camp or an official of the camp, you can adjust the tax rate. To adjust the tax rate, visit the mayor hall. Select camp data manage, fiscal info and from the revenue, tab adjusts the tax rate. The default tax rate is 10% and can be adjusted from 5% to 25%.

If all the members of the camp are contributing enough daily, then there is no need to increase the tax. If you are not meeting the requirement of the camp operation cost, you can increase the tax rate by discussing with your camp members.

Camp Periods And How To Upgrade Them In LifeAfter

You can upgrade your camp and unlock various features associated with it. The mayor can only upgrade the camp period. To upgrade a camp, visit the city hall, data center, period info and upgrade it.

The camp period has four stages to it which are Primitive Period, Savage, Agrarian And Steam. There are a few requirements which you have to accomplish as a mayor to upgrade the camp period. The requirements are Prosperity, Management, and Resource.

You need to increase these points to upgrade the camp. Let’s see in details how to increase them.

Maintain Management In LifeAfter

Management risk occurs if a camp can’t fulfill the operation cost daily. If the cost requirement is not met, the camp will lose maintenance points. Maintenance scores are:

  • Safe- 95 to 100
  • Normal- 60 to 94
  • High Risk- 0 to 59

Increase your camp members, stay active, complete mission together and pay your operation cost daily to keep your management score safe.

Resource In LifeAfter

You need to maintain certain amount of resources in your vault to manage the resource requirements. If you are the mayor of the camp, you can tell your camp members to donate resources, set the requirement to display them in vault’s menu. To display the resource requirement visit the city hall, manage the camp. fiscal info, change goal and set the requirement.

Note: For this guide, you have to be a mayor of a camp.

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