LifeAfter: Tips, Guide, Resources Required To Raid Other Player



In LifeAfter, you have to defend your manor and you can raid other players manor to obtain resources. In this guide, we will show you how to raid other player manors, resources required to raid and where to find them.

Resources Required To Raid Other Players Manor In LifeAfter

You will  need three items to conduct a raid  which are:

  • Manor Battery
  • Mailbox Key
  • Vault Key

You have other optional items also which you can buy to improve your raid.

  • Climbing Rope
  • Manor Detector Battery

Let’s talk in details about these items.

Manor Battery

You need at least 5 manor batteries to access someone else manor. You can decode their manor security or pass through them by using this item. It is one of the most important items to conduct a raid.

Mailbox Key

While gathering and hunting in the wildlands, we ship the resources through mailman. Most users like to keep resources in the mailbox to make space in their manor and cabinets. You can use this item to access their mailbox and raid their resources.

Vault Key

Players stores their important items and resources in their vault. By using this item, you can access their vault and loot them.

Let’s talk about the optional items briefly.

Climbing Rope

Sometimes you can find manor who have open rooftops. You can use this item to climb to the rooftop and enter their manor. To use this item, select your bag, tap on the climbing rope, gear and aim at the rooftop from where you want to climb.

Manor Detector Battery

You can use this item to know the details about an item available in other players manor. You can also know about their defense. While conducting raid search for the rare items and attack only those manor whose defense is low.

How To Get Raid  Items In LifeAfter

All the raid items can be bought using gold bars. The item price ranges from 10 to 1000 gold bars. You can buy these items from an NPC named Jude. You can find him near helicopter evac point in private camp’s town hall. You can even sell items to that NPC in exchange for gold bars.

How To Raid Other Player Manor In LifeAfter

You can conduct the raid by visiting your camp town hall helicopter evac point. Open helicopter, select war zone from the mini-map and visit the turbulent city.  We recommend you to have all the necessary item required for raiding.

Once you reach the turbulent city, open your mini-map and locate manor locations. You can enter other players manor by standing close to their gate and tapping on decode option. You can then check their defense and resources value. If you want to conduct raid select decode option else exit and search another manor.

You need to break other players manor door to get inside. To break other players door’s, use your gun or any melee weapon. You can obtain resources by breaking their cabinet’s. Once you break their cabinet, a bag will be dropped. Search that bag to collect their resources.

Access Vault And Mailbox Of Other Players In LifeAfter

You can get access to other player’s vault and mailbox by entering the correct code. The code has three different colors which are:

  • GreenCorrect number.
  • Red- Wrong number.
  • Yellow- Correct number, but different position.

You can slide the numbers upwards or downwards, and the color will appear. You have 50-50 chance of unlocking it if you are lucky it might get unlocked else you won’t be able to decode it again. You will have a limited number of attempt to decode vault and mailbox.

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